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Aria Persei

Aria Persei


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Hello, I am Ariana and I share deprogramming content on many different topics, from the most 3D aspects to the more etheric. Join me on my different platforms.

On-Demand Episodes

Here, it's a reality where we have to deal with a lot. As a fire creation being, you generally have much repression engineered around you. Negative types of AI but also low frequency beings are targeting your unhealed wounds through your... more

Our behaviors have been influenced by trauma that has been endured, sometimes trauma we have no memory of. Heavy trauma that has not been processed is encouraging us to be in states of apathy, inertia and passivity. These states... more

External authority programming is well alive as we are seeing how it affects the mind of the reals and the spiritless in this realm with each big operation that is launched by the medias and governments. This programming is reinforced in... more

The system might use them through AI access in order to test a boundary a spirited being has just decided to set. For many reals, AI is enough to keep them automatically in handled spaces though we are given special types of attention... more

In this video, Kimberly McGeorge from Secrettoeverything and myself are discussing various themes such as: - the harvest of energy around Christmas time - the targeting of the heart portal through a variety of programs and the... more

We often hear talking about Stockholm Syndrome but maybe with a simplified understanding of the depth of the mind control our lives are under. We tend to experiment physical and emotional withdrawals when we take distance from... more

Kimberly McGeorge invited me to discuss the different templates of SIMS and reflect on personal stories of our interactions with SIMs and NPCs. What is truly under the avatar suit? All reals are gangstalked and harassed, this is part of the... more

I discuss the context of breaking through some of the layers of programming and the way handlers influence us all around. There are many attempts to control our lives and the people we relate to. Doubts and insinuations are easily... more

Spirited beings tend to be gaslit online and in their everyday lives. This is how it goes and we have to train to become able to notice straight ahead the signature of this manipulative tactic that is meant to suppress some of the expression... more

In this conversation, Kimberly McGeorge and myself are sharing viewpoints about the targeted individual mentality and traps associated with this concept, the way we use certain foods in order to numb as a soothing addiction or self medicate... more