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    in Poetry

    SPEAKEASY CAFE HALLOWEEN SPECIAL - A SPOOKTACULAR Night of SPOKEN WORD Poetry! Joining us is special guest host, Jimmy Ray Davis!  
    There is NEVER a strict theme on this show!  You DO NOT have to read something SPOOKY, bring what ever you like, but SPOOKY would be COOL!
    Show time: 5:00 pm West coast - 8:00 pm East coast
    REMEMBER TO CALL IN EARLY!! The call in number is 646-595-3965
    Info: You do not have to be logged in to listen to the show, but you do to join in the Poet's chat-room. It's a good way to network with other writers and they have such fun! You can read one to two pieces, just keep it around the 5-minute mark! Remember we have a Mature rating, meaning anything goes with the exception of explicit sexual content.
    Love from the SpeakEasy Family... Nyla Alisia, Debbie Philly, Michael Quigg, Jason Tucker, Christopher M Ryan.

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    Headliner's Ball with Jeremy Ephe...

    in Poetry

    Welcome to Headliner's Ball. This show's format gives both authors and audience alike the chance to entertain a deeper discussion regarding a choice selection of poems from the author's catalog of work. Headliners will perform pieces in their intended style. In turn, they will receive encouraging feedback from an all-inclusive panel of Late Night Poet callers. Additionally, there will be a chance for listeners to inquire about intended meaning, inspiration, nuance, poetic device, and any other interesting details that the author is willing to expand upon. Authors will also have an opportunity to familiarize their fan base with any publications available for purchase for those readers wanting to support them. If you have ever desired some time to virtually interact with a fellow poet on a deeper level, then this show was designed for you. Cannonball into the deep end with this positive group of poetry lovers, but please remember to pack a modest bathing suit; this might be a late night show but our lifeguards have no patience for any flopping about from any of you crazy skinny dippers. 

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    Do You Live in the Perfect Neighborhood?

    in Books

    Liz Alterman takes on a topic that keeps surfacing in the news, the perfect neighborhood. When tragedy strikes, it's often said that "these types of traumas don't happen in our neighborhood." But is there really such as a thing as a perfect neighborhood? 
    Author Liz Alterman sits down with Denise Turney on Off The Shelf Books on Saturday, November 12, 2022 at 11am/EST (New York City time) to discuss her novel "The Perfect Neighborhood". Alterman and Turney will dive into a kidnapping that occurs in a seemingly perfect neighborhood. Tune into find out what's behind the kidnapping and if those who know the kidnapped person were involved.
    Find out if events in the book are related to real life events. 
    Catch the show Saturday, November 12, 2022 at 11am/EST (New York City time)
    Listener dial-in number: (347) 994-3490!
    You can also catch the show LIVE in our chat room!
    About Liz Alterman: Liz is a storyteller at heart. She’s also a wife, mother and editor. Books Liz has authored include “The Perfect Neighborhood,” “He’ll Be Waiting” and “Sad Sacked”. Liz’s and/or her works have been mentioned in a variety of periodicals, including The Washington Post, The New York Times and Parents. Her latest novel “The Perfect Neighborhood” is published by Penguin Random House.
    Listener dial-in number: (347) 994-3490!
    You can also catch the show LIVE in our chat room!

  • 02:41

    La Cosa Nostra Radio Presents : Public Poetry with Razz and Boo

    in Poetry

    La Cosa Nostra Radio, here, your family...
     Welcome to La Cosa Nostra Radio, here you're family... Our artistic community is filled with inspiration, and we respect your individuality.. 
    Here, a variety of poets from around the world come together to share our love of verse...stop by and read your poetic masterpiece live on the air with us! At allpoetry.com you can participate in chats interactively, and post your work so others can read along, comment, and get feedback on your work ..
    We offer an open forum.. The group is led by poets Mrslilboo, Raconteur Razz, Rob Cohen , Glo-lizzy, Sinister Spital, Albatross Atoms, Konreg, and Randall S... They lead a panel of poets to discuss poetry and critique each other's work, as well as do live readings. So, come join the fun! at La Cosa Nostra radio, your family, and all are welcome. 

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    The Land Of Creed Vol 1 by Allen Jay of Eagles Tower Production/Mindset Studios

    in Books

    Today we are Announcing and Presenting to our listeners...The Land Of Creed - Volume One, Author Allen Jay of EaglesTower Production/Mindset Studios is an Epic Story of a Whimsical, Dream-like Fantasy and Escapism. AStory movies are made from. 

  • 02:24

    Delving in a Moment with CAL, Essama, AP Taylor ( 10/27/2022)NEW TIME 8:30PM PST

    in Poetry

    Welcome to the Soul Asylum- Delving into a Moment with CAL, Essame Chiba & AP Taylor...Where poetry has a voice Quote :"FOREVER IS COMPOSED OF NOWS" ~ Emily Dickinson Join CAL for poetry recitals and discussions, intertwined with intellectual consciousness and live caller interaction. It is really what separates those who are truly active with a voice from those who are actively voiceless. Connecting the world finding solutions for changing a World. Open your heart and express your truth.

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    Close Up Radio Spotlights Artists Aaron Horrell and Barb Bailey

    in Art

    Cape Girardeau, MO - Aaron Horrell is the founder and owner of Painted Wren Gallery, an  art gallery selling paintings, children's books, pottery, soaps, and patchwork quilts, among other artistic pieces all designed by southeast Missouri artists. Manager Barb Bailey joined his business after meeting Aaron. Eight years later they create and self-publish children's books. Aaron and Barb have written 15 books so far filled with lively colorful illustrations and unique characters they create and share with the world.
    Aaron and Barb loved how their fabulous Missouri Bicentennial Mural was able to connect thousands of people for an amazing cause. Finding a way to incorporate this idea of community artwork into everyday life became Aaron's calling. This concept motivated Aaron to create Paint For A Cause, a fundraising opportunity benefiting specific charities while bringing members of the local community together.
    For more information, please visit www.aaronrhorrell.com, https://www.facebook.com/PaintedWrenArtGallery/, https://bestofmissourihands.org/, https://www.amazon.com/Books-Aaron-Horrell/s?rh=n%3A283155%2Cp_27%3AAaron+Horrell, https://www.facebook.com/MissouriBicentennialPaintForACause/

  • 00:39

    Urban Reads w/Author DJ (Daniel Blaze)

    in Books

    Kid author DJ aka Daniel will be joining us today to discuss his first ever publication of the "DJ Collection" a set of kid & teen affirmations Journals. Get to know the author behind the pen today!

  • 01:27

    The Kerri Edelman Show Presents Cartoonist & Illustrator Rich Sparks

    in Art

    Rich Sparks is a cartoonist/illustrator living in Chicago. His work has appeared in The New Yorker, Air Mail Weekly, Weekly Humorist, The American Bystander, Barron's, The Wall Street Journal, SpongeBob Comics, Narrative Magazine, and probably other places. He released a NY Times bestselling book of humorous drawings called Love and Other Weird Things. (The bestselling part is a lie.) For more information, visit www.richsparksillustration.com

  • 01:10

    Author Interviews- Michigan Avenue Media-

    in Writing

    Please join Marsha Casper Cook on Thursday November 3  at 11 AM EST 10 CST 9MT 8 AM PST when her guest author will be Danielle Lincoln Hanna.
    Danielle Lincoln Hanna is the author of the Mailboat Suspense Series, the story of a foster kid who just wants a family of her own. Instead, she finds a body at the end of a pier, changing the course of her life forever.
    It's going to be a terrific show. Join us live or after the show on demand or iTunes.

  • 02:03

    Art of Seduction... 6th Annual Halloween Show

    in Poetry

    Late Night Poets Presents The Art of Seduction... Warm,  wonderful poetry compelling you to the edge of your seat, sultry, seductive, and scintillating Ink To  make you shiver, To make you sigh Mmmm... Join us,

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