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    QLPOR Presents "Collective Voices" Now and Then - 25 Years Since London

    in Poetry

    The Washington, DC-based ensemble of poets known for its messages of inspiration, empowerment, and social consciousness has performed locally and abroad. Collective Voices' international debut was in London, England, in 1998. Founded in 1995, the group’s current members include Sylvia Dianne "Ladi Di" Beverly, Andre "Brenardo" Taylor, and the group’s founder, J. Joy "Sistah Joy" Matthews Alford, who was appointed as Poet Laureate of Prince George’s County, MD, in 2018. In addition to performing their original poetry, the group presents poetry workshops and coordinates arts-oriented activities throughout the Washington Metropolitan region. Of note, the group presented an annual arts-based tribute, Poetry Extravaganza, for 20 years, honoring the life and legacy of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The event was presented annually at the downtown Washington, DC-based Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Library, which was attended by hundreds each year. Collective Voices has self-published 2 chapbooks, Poetry and Prose For A New Millennium (2000) and Experience, Expression, Expansion (1996), and its members have published 6 individual books of poetry. Collective Voices' poetry has also appeared in numerous anthologies. The group and individual members of the group have received numerous awards and recognitions for artistic excellence, community service, and literary activism, including the 2002 Poet Laureate Special Award from the DCCAH for "outstanding contributions to the art of poetry in Washington, DC." With its debut performance at a women's shelter, Collective Voices has continued its socially-relevant presentations at numerous churches, schools, galleries, youth and senior support facilities and organizations, and at various regional, national, and international conferences and conventions. To Book, contact Sistah Joy at P. O. Box 2073, Clinton, MD 20735, or Poetsistahjoy@aol.com. 

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    Author2Author with Charlotte Maya

    in Writing

    Bill welcomes debut memoirist Charlotte Maya to the show. Charlotte was born and raised in California. She received her B.A. from Rice University in Houston, Texas, and her law degree from UCLA. She practiced Trust and Estate Planning law until deciding to raise a family. Widowed at 39 when her children were six and eight as a result of her husband’s suicide, Maya writes about suicide loss, resilience and hope on her blog, charlotte-maya.com. Charlotte’s writing explores the intersections of grief, parenting and self-care, particularly within the context of suicide. Her work has been highlighted in Hippocampus Magazine and on The Mighty, and she has been featured on the A2A Alliance and the Your Next Chapter podcast with Angela Raspass. Charlotte Maya’s debut novel “Sushi Tuesdays: A Memoir of Love, Loss, and Family Resilience” will be published on February 28, and is available for pre-order now.

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    SHE DARED TO DREAM: Love Lessons - Divorce after 50 with Terri Martinez

    in Books

    Love Lessons - Divorce after 50 with Terri Martinez
    Follow Terri D as she takes you through her love journey. She shares her personal experiences and love lessons and discovers love's true meaning.
    Love Lessons will leave you asking.
    What is love?
    What are my expectations?
    Do I know how to communicate?
    What role do I want to have in my relationship?
    What do I want vs. What do I need?
    Website:  http://www.authorterrid.com
    Terri Martinez who also writes under the pen name of Terri D.  was born in Detroit Michigan and was raised in the Washington, DC area. She has lived in Harrisburg, PA since 1987 where she raised her three children as a single mother for over fifteen years after her divorce. Her children are all grown, and she now has six grandchildren. 
    Terri’s children and now her grandchildren continue to be an inspiration for her to push herself to get to the next level. Terri has spent most of her career working in the Healthcare industry and most of that time was spent in Information Technology. Terri is also a certified Life Coach and provides training classes on journaling.
    Terri has always loved to journal and dabbled in poetry as well before writing her first novel in 2010, titled Yesterday’s Lies. Since her debut novel, she has written 6 more novels. She also has published seven self-care journals. 
    Terri also has a blog titled Random thoughts of Author Terri D. Since 2020, Terri has been working with other authors and poets to help them realize their dreams of publishing their books and poetry through her publishing company TDUB Publishing. 

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    Writing and Short Films - Do you really have a choice?

    in Books

    You are invited to join author and filmmaker, Desire Cooper, as she sits down with author Denise Turney on Off The Shelf Books podcast on Saturday, March 18, 2023 at 11am/EST (New York City time). During her feature interview, Desire Cooper will discuss how she got started in writing, the makings of a short film and her books "Nothing Special" and "Know The Mother". Tune in live by dialing (347) 994-3490 or catch the show LIVE right here in the chat room!
    Turney is effective at probing into the whys and hows of the makings of a page-turner. Off The Shelf Books podcast offers ongoing opportunities to learn more about the writing profession, how to market and sell books and the process of creating a successful film. A broad range of authors and other creative artists in the storytelling field have interviewed on Off The Shelf Books, including New York Times bestselling authors.
    See you Saturday! 
    Listener dial-in number: (347) 994-3490

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    Solace of Shadows with Robert M...

    in Poetry

    Bringing to light some of the epic dark works that are otherwise unseen/unheard. Here, poets will be able to share a piece of their darkness with us, without fear of judgement. I plan to have topics to discuss poetry, from past to present. Also, I plan on offering bi-weekly writing challenges in the hopes of fueling the muses, so that they may inspire our poets to read aloud.

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    in Poetry

    Show time: 5:00pm West coast - 8:00pm East coast
    The call in number is 646-595-3965
    Info: You do not have to be logged in to listen to the show, but you do to join in the Poet's chat-room.  It's a good way to network with other writers and they have such fun!  You can read one to two pieces, just keep it around the 5-minute mark!  Remember we have a Mature rating, meaning anything goes with the exception of explicit sexual content.
    Love from the SpeakEasy Family...
    Nyla Alisia, Debbie Philly, Michael Quigg, Jason Tucker, Christopher M Ryan

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    Ls Cosa Nostra Radio Public Poetry w Razz & Boo

    in Poetry

    Best Poetry Podcast La Cosa Nostra Radio, here, your family... 
    Welcome to La Cosa Nostra Radio, here you're family, we  are a diverse  artistic community,  filled with inspiration, and we respect your individuality...
    Here, a variety of poets from around the world come together to share our love of verse...stop by and read your poetic masterpiece live on the air with us! 
    Our group is also very active on the site allpoetry. There, you can participate in chats interactively, post your work so others can read along, comment, and get feedback on your work ..We offer input into each piece and your welcome to call in anytime. The group is lead by Poets Mrslilboo, Razz,Raconteur,  Atom,Randall S, Liquiddamage, Sinister Spital, Konreg, and Francine. They lead a panel of poets to discuss poetry, and critique each other's work, as well as do live readings..
    Come join the fun all are welcome
    Our group on allpoetry.com 
    Check Out Our YouTube Channel!
    Clubhouse App

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    Welcome To The Couch With Children's Author Talona Coleman

    in Books

    Join Talona Coleman on Thursday, March 16, @ 6:00 PM to learn about Heaven Sent Child Care and the services that they offer. Talona is also a published author and we will be discussing her new book that teaches children about acceptance, I Am Important. The Dial-in number is 657-383-1206
    I Am Important was written to empower, inspire, encourage, and to offer hope to children of all ages. It resonates with the message of the importance of acceptance of self as well as others. We each were created differently; which makes us unique and important! God has perfectly designed each of us with purpose and illuminates beauty and creativity within all. We are fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:13-14). It is a reminder to all children that they can do anything, and become whoever they want to be (Philippians 4:13). This book teaches that as we learn to love ourselves, we can willingly express and show love, empathy, and compassion to others in spite of our differences. It also conveys that when we accept one another; we have made the choice to demonstrate love; and Jesus Christ is glorified! This is a vivid reminder that Jesus will always love us because he is the Creator of us and our diversity!

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    The Art Of Seduction...

    in Poetry

    Late Night Poets Presents The Art of Seduction... Warm,  wonderful poetry compelling you to the edge of your seat, sultry, seductive, and scintillating Ink To  make you shiver, To make you sigh Mmmm... Join us,

  • 01:13

    Michigan Avenue Media - All about Writing

    in Writing

     Please join Marsha Casper Cook and her guest best selling author Dick Belsky on February 28th at 11AM EST 10AM CST 9AM MT 8AM PST for an interesting off-the-cuff discussion about his career, movies and more. Listen in for some fun and an up-to-date discussion about how books and screenplays have changed over the years.
    FOR MORE INFO ON Dick Belsky

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    Brown Posey Press Special: The Authors & Friends of Cleveland Concoction

    in Books

    Conventions, large and small bring together creatives and fans like nothing else. Returning to Aurora, Ohio after a two-year absence due to the pandemic, Cleveland Concoction, aka CleCon, assembled authors, creators, cosplayers, gamers, and performers that crossed all boundaries and provided three days of entertainment, education, and fun.
    BPP Show host Tory Gates made his second appearance at CleCon, and while promoting his books, including all three volumes of the Sweet Dreams Series, was able to speak with many of his fellows about their work, their influences and inspirations, and just why they do it.
    These brief, shoot-style interviews include former guests such as Olivia Berrier, Jason Lady and Marcus Cook. We also hear from Vik K. Walker, Weston Kincade, Marcus Calvert, and musical guests Camille and Kennerly, also known as The Harp Twins.
    The purpose of this program is to take you inside the convention, give you an idea of the activity, and also show that no matter what an artist practices, the ways and means are different for each person. We hope you will find a new friend to read or listen to through this program, and as we all hope, you come along on our journey.
    Check out www.clevelandconcoction.org for updates, and what's coming in 2024!

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