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    A Book is Born - Book Drop Party w/Guest Speaker Janet Steele - Season 9 - Epi 6

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    A Book is Born - Hosted by Beverly Black with Guest Speaker Janet Steele - "Possessed" Book Drop Party

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    Literati Laggers : Q-Anon : From Online Post to Movement

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    In 2017 a message was sent and left on 4 Chan declaring itself to be Q and having explanations to share with the web . Since then the online movement has reached a political status of more then a conspiracy theory with rising followers . But who is Q ? 

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    profile interview

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    profiel interview

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    UnScripted - An Author's Answered Prayer

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    Mary Brotherton and Linda Humphrey met in 2009, when MAry was the ditor at a Florida niche publication and Linda joined as a journalist.  In 2019, Linda was diagnosed with cancer and learned much about her radiation oncologist during her many treatments.  One of the things she learned was that Dr. Strike was a paraglieder with a group of other Tennessee adventure lovers.  Linda wrote nearly a dozen articles about the Moonshine Fliers over several years, including one for bUneke magazine, which is when Mary first learned about the group. Linda was later inspired to write a children's book called "Corfield Fliers of East Tennessee," after waking from a dream about reading the book to her own grandchildren and immediatley started writing.  She had all but given up hope of publishing her children's book, because, despite spending hhundreds of dollars, over the course of several years on a illustrator, she could not get all the images she needed for her book.  As often happens, the illustrator simply stopped working on the project.
    After showing the galleys of her own children's book, "My Angel Book," Mary offered to illustrate Linda's book when available. Linda responded that Mary was an answer to a prayer.  
    "Confield Fliers of East Tennessee" is expected to be published by bUneke in the Fall of 2023

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    Marketing Your Book to Build Your Business with Mary Helen Sheriff!

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    The Sharvette Mitchell Radio Show | www.Sharvette.com | Every Tuesday
    Mary Helen Sheriff serves as an Author Marketing Coach, helping authors save time and money on their journey to sell more books. She's the author of women's fiction Boop and Eve’s Road Trip, the CEO of Bookish Road Trip, and co-editor of Launch Pad: The Countdown to Marketing Your Book. She writes “Journey into Book Marketing,” a blog column for Bookish Road Trip, and “The Book Biz,” a column in Women’s Fiction Writers Association’s e-zine Write ON! Go to her website to signup for “Nuts and Bolts” for free book marketing tips and ideas every month direct to your inbox.
    Meet our host: Sharvette Mitchell, of Mitchell Productions Consulting, helps small businesses generate more revenue by focusing on marketing, visibility and branding. She does this with one on one consulting, group coaching programs based on her trademarked framework, THE PLATFORM BUILDER®,  book collaborations and conferences.    She is a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing.    Since 2008, she has hosted a weekly talk radio show  - The Sharvette Mitchell Radio Show which airs on six streaming platforms. Sharvette has been seen on CBS 6, The CW Network and featured in publications such as Huffington Post & AARP.   www.Mitchell-Productions.com
    The Sharvette Mitchell Radio Show | www.Sharvette.com
    Listen and Subscribe to our Podcast: https://pod.link/281762250
    Listen on BlogTalkRadio - https://www.blogtalkradio.com/mitchell-productions  

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