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    Drone Photography and more with Calvin Young on CBBN Business Journals.

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    CBBN Business Journals welcomes Calvin Young, a dynamic and innovative leader with an extensive background spanning various industries, including urban farming, drone technology, environmental advocacy, and the military. His academic expertise in Management Information Systems further enhances his ability to seamlessly connect technology, agriculture, and community engagement.
    Calvin currently leads courses in Drone Photography, Urban Farming, and Microsoft Office Workshops for Entrepreneurs Academy. We are thrilled interview Mr. Young as a valuable contributor to the entrepreneurial education landscape.
    Since 1996, Entrepreneurs Academy has been providing entrepreneurial training in low-income, under-developed and under-represented communities. Learn more at EntrepreneursAcademy.net.
    Sonja Cassandra Perdue, Executive Producer, Chicago’s Black Business Radio Network. www.ChicagosBlackBusinessRadioNetwork.com

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    Carla Lewis explains the leadership landscape 2023 and beyond

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    https://www.carlajlewis.com I'm Carla Lewis Helping leaders take the chance out of change! Standing alone under the withering glare of 16 angry men, I was awakened to my professional calling.Since that encounter in September 1979, I have devoted my dual-path career – in IT and Organizational Change Management - to eliminating any chance of recurrence of the pain, frustration, confusion, and loss experienced by those men so many years ago. My perspective is rich with insights and experiences from the factory floor to the C-suite. When it comes to changing what people do or how they do it, these insights and experiences are valuable assets in the quest to conquer the Challenge of Change that robs organizations of trillions of dollars every year. Disturbing news from years of research by think tanks, consulting companies, universities, business journals: projects that change how people work fail at a staggering rate of over 70%! There is a solitary reason for these failures. And, it is NOT what you think!

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    Surviving the Storm - The Seven Signs of a Changing Economy

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    Read Jim Lunney's Weekly Update at http://wealthstratgroup.com/blog. Jim Lunney is the author of Surviving the Storm. The monthly conference call is focused on identifying current signs of economic change. Jim Lunney is an Investment Advisor Representative of LPL Financial.

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    The Hair Radio Morning Show LIVE #919 Wednesday, November 15th, 2023

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    All-New LIVE Edition of "The Hair Radio Morning Show".. Stay Tuned.

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    The Power of the Authentic You

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    There is immense power in sharing who you are with the world. In life, in business, in all that you do, you have the power to make change. Knowing who you are is the first step to you being able to show up and help others. Being authentically YOU is the foundation to your success!

    Listen in with Steve, Nika, Kyle and Nida and hear how they show up authentically and how you can do the same in your journey as a thriving entrepreneur.

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    Tracy Struck is the "Inspiration Catalyst" you need to help you manifest

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    youtube version 
    https://www.tracystruck.com Tracy Struck is a successful entrepreneur whose major purpose in life is to help others reach their full potential. She specializes in helping people smash through their fears and develop totally new ways of thinking. After seeing how she was able to change her life, Tracy set about to help others who wanted to change their lives. Tracy is now taking her decades of success to a new level by applying her experience plus 60 plus years of Bob Proctor’s experience and Sandy Gallagher’s experience into the creation of Success from the Heart Coaching, a labour of love whose sole mission is to help others. Yes, you can live the life of your dreams and Tracy can get you there. With Tracy as your mentor and coach you will be able to grow into someone you’ve only dared to dream about.

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    Building an NFT

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    During this session is, Omar Dyer broadcast of the show, wanted to audience the correct way on how to create and build an NFT in Web 2 and Web 3 technology. During this call it was in front 9,812 users of X fromerly known as Twitter. 
    Omar Dyer, during the course of this show, got into a thrift with an anonymous character, which turned out to be Elon Musk. And there is where the show got interesting because it became a war on Omar Dyer and his audience which he thinks are bots, and Omar Dyer debunking the nature of Artificail Intelliegence. 

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    Own Your For Career for College Students with guests Elizabeth & Zak

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    Join Rod and his guests as they delve into Owning Their Career as College Students. Tonight's featured guests are Elizabeth Loney and Zakariya Ahmed, students from Monmouth University.

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    Part 1: Close Up Radio Spotlights Food & Finance with Shelley Nadel

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    Houston, TX – The founder of Food & Finance with Shelley™, Mrs. Nadel is a Certified financial PLANNER™ Professional. as well as an amateur chef who uses recipes and cooking analogies to “make finance digestible.”
    “Our firm provides comprehensive financial planning to professionals and small business owners,” explains Shelley, “with a target market of middle to senior level executive women. Comprehensive financial planning includes the entire spectrum of financial services.”
    “I am a professional who is VERY passionate about financial literacy, educating people in a way that helps people drop their defenses around money and to embrace being in charge of their financial destiny,” adds Shelley. “Most financial education sessions are incredibly boring. The terms used are often very confusing, particularly to women. This is why I have integrated food with finance.”
    “As an amateur chef, I often will educate people about finance through cooking,” mentions Shelley. “We came up with analogies tying culinary knowledge and quick tips to ways to take charge of your money rather than money controlling you.”
    In the near future, Shelley plans to collaborate on a Food and Finance cookbook that will incorporate targeted financial advice and culinary insights.
    For more information, please visit https://www.financial-success.net and  https://www.foodandfinancewithshelley.com/
    You may also learn more about Shelley’s recipes on YouTube

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    Mama Wants Less Drama: Benefits of Corporate Trustee

    in Legal

    During this half-hour discussion, we will dialog about the benefits of a corporate trustee.
    A corporate trustee can offer several benefits in the context of trust and estate planning. Here are some of the potential advantages:
    Professional Expertise:
    Corporate trustees have a team of professionals with expertise in finance and investment management. This can ensure that the trust is administered and managed in accordance with best practices. Continuity and Stability:
    Unlike an individual trustee who may face life events such as illness, retirement, or relocation, a corporate trustee provides continuity and stability. This ensures that the trust can be managed consistently over the long term, regardless of individual circumstances. Impartiality:
    Corporate trustees are expected to act impartially and in the best interests of the trust beneficiaries. This can help avoid potential conflicts of interest that might arise with individual trustees who may have personal relationships with the beneficiaries LadyLawyer Cynthia Rignanese, the host, has 32 years experience as a lawyer. She handles estate planning, probate and trust administration from her law firm in Winter Haven, Florida. 
    Anna Howard is a Trust Officer at Southeast Trust Company. Previously, Anna was an estate planning and elder law attorney. She has been awarded Best Lawyers from 2016 to 2022 and Best Women in Law from 2019-2022.
    Join these two lady professionals as we help you to help your family, in this live broadcast. Our on-air, live call-in number is 
    (563) 999-3086. 

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