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Promoting and preserving the values of LIBERTY, FREEDOM, and Personal Responsibility. I offer nothing more than simple facts, plain arguments and COMMON SENSE. I'm not inspired by motives of pride, party or resentment. I am clearly, positively and conscientiously persuaded by what is in the true best interest of this country. The fight for freedom and liberty is a fight that if we don't fight, will be left for our children to fight. The worst thing that could ever happen is that we look back with regret that we didn't preserve these values.

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How do you know the difference between a republican and a democrat? The country is divided between these two parties, but what's the difference? Both parties have consistently contributed to adding to the debt. Either party has... more

How does a waitress, who just a few months ago couldn't afford a DC apartment show up to the SOTU wearing a $10,000 outfit? She practically tells us in her own words. It's no secret Netflix purchase the Ocasio Cortex documentary for $10M.... more

Sometimes the hardest step is the first step. Getting started. A lot of times you never get passed that point. How do you overcome that and do the things you know you need to do? It's not just about motivations. Discipline is practically a... more

On this episode of the Christopher Scott Talk Show Podcast: Rep Says Reparations Should Be Paid to Families Separated at the Border… VA Gov. Advocates Post-Birth Abortion... Self-Driving Cars Aren't Coming Anytime... more

This is a fascinating story at a time when New York provides sanctuary for illegal immigrants. They've made fake social media accounts illegal. Selling Social Media Engagement In NY is Illegal Prosecutes Fake Social Media Sanctuary For... more

Military spending, endless wars, and the military industrial complex. What do they all have in common? America has long been a defender of freedom around the world. That's turned into becoming the world's police force. What Is The Military... more

How do we preserve creeks, lakes, rivers, streams, bays, coastlines without raising taxes? It's being called a ‘rain tax'. Where did all this come from? Who's behind it? Why is it a good thing or a bad thing? If you hate clean water... more

Elizabeth Warren announced this weekend she's officially running for president. This really isn't a surprise. She was building up the suspense like you would a three year old's birthday. There's two issues I want to discuss in this podcast.... more

What is the New Green Deal? There's a lot of buzz about it. It's been made famous by Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. Where's the details about the New Green Deal? WARNING: This podcast is only for people who can think on their own... more