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*** Nuts and bolts stuff of citizen legislation. How do we actually do this? Where do we stand on two bills: one is the Microchip Illegal Aliens bill, and the otherr is our Supreme Court Juries bill. I went over a lot of the actual language. Now it's... more

*** This show would be nothing without the amazing people who come to it. Dan Sky-Horse, Vice-Chief of the Santa Rosa Creek, who is regularly presenting amazing information on Native law, culture, leadership, 500 year old models in... more

*** What a free for all in the second hour with Pianki and later Josie, also Karen Hoffman of The Hoffman Report who stayed for about 45 minutes starting 30 minutes in. That's the beauty of this show. Callers pretty much come and go... more

*** Supreme Court Juries! No, they don't exist. We have to create the legislation to make that happen. But someone has to create something to curb the tyrranical power of the Judiciary because no one and no part of government does that. It... more

*** From the opening rant on destroying towns with freeways, to my final comments on juries and our show on it Monday, this show was packed with a huge amount of interesting and varied information. I wanted to defend my town... more

*** The one thing I forgot to put in the title is Parental Alienation, and that whole abusive system. This was a very complex show. But whether it's divorce, custody, experts, judges, lawyers, or anyone else in "the system," there are a series of... more

*** I started the show with a simulcast video on Facebook live, which you can see at: https://www.facebook.com/greg.penglis/videos/3063913456968729/ so if you copy that link and click on it, you'll get my Facebook video and you can see how... more

*** Opening rants about race and identity politics, and how the Left looks at everything through skin color. Also how Black Conservatives are viewed as race traitors, according to the Leftist, slavemaster definition of how Black Americans... more

*** Our second hour had a fabulous discussion with our guests and a whole lot of callers regarding Saving Pensacola Beach for the citizens of Escambia County. Granted this is a local issue, but everyone has a beach somewhere, the question... more

*** I opened today with a discussion based on the title, of are we a dependent, or independent people, and who wants which one, and why. After our two hours of history yesterday, where does that leave us today? Which path will we follow... more