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  • 01:55

    Politiki ya Paul Kagame ikomeje gushyira abanyarwanda baba mu mahanga mu kaga.

    in Current Events

    Politiki ya Paul Kagame ikomeje gushyira abanyarwanda baba mu mahanga mu kaga.
    Ni mu kiganiro "Urwatubyaye"cyo kuri uyu wa mbere ,nk'uko bisanzwe murakigezwaho na:
    Benoît UMUHOZA afatanyije na Anicet KAREGE .

  • 01:23

    Weusi Agosti Salamu with SHU Line NAPP's

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    Weusi Agosti Salamu ( Black August Salutation ) being broken down by New Afrikan Political Prisoners whom ensured that SHU ( Security Housing Unit ) 

  • 01:07

    Talk On The Hudson-Tuesday July 19, 2022-Special Guest-Carlos Cueto

    in Current Events

    Coming up, I welcome Union City High School Girls' Basketball Coach Carlos Cueto to the 5 TIME AWARD-WINNING Talk On The Hudson.
    We will examine the current landscape of athletics for women, the success he's enjoying at Union City High School, his excellent reputation in the community and much more.
    This episode is sponsored by:
    The Office of New Jersey State Senator Brian Stack
    The Town of Weehawken, New Jersey
    The Town of West New York, New Jersey
    The City of Union City, New Jersey
    Please take a moment and share on your social media.
    I greatly appreciate your support.

  • 04:08

    338: Arizona Corruption & Rinos Exposed, Put America First, Christians Stand Up

    in Current Events

    12:06p - Lois Hollis: Shame Guilt Healing – It’s Time To Stop Blaming Yourself, Turn Your Life Around & Never Look Back
    12:17p - Joe Mobley: Host of The Joe Mobley Show – The #1 Uncloseted Conservative Radio Show - Let's All Be Loud & Proud
    12:27p - Kim Miller: Arizona Women of Action - Arizona Issues, The Primary Election Aug 2nd - VOTE IN PERSON - DON'T BE A MULE
    12:38p - Michele Swinick: Jesus Rocks Live - Prayer Group, Bible Study & Faith Gathering - JOIN US Wednesdays @ 10am PT - REGISTER:
    12:48p - Noel Roberts: Patriot Community Update For Phoenix - The Warriors Who Are Rising Up To Take Back America
    *Michele’s Patriotic Soapbox: Facts, Truth, Take Action Items & Resources*
    1p - Special Guest: DREW BERQUIST - Put America First Now - Time To Reposition Your Reality
    1:30p - Special Guest: AUSTIN STEINBART - Exposing The Corruption & Rinos In Arizona
    2p - Special Guests: PASTOR GREG YOUNG & LUCY DIGRAZIA - Our Joshua Moment Part 7 - To Fight Or Not To Fight - That Is The Christian Question
    It's Time We The People Stand Up, Speak Up, Show Up & JOIN US!
    VISIT: & TEXT "ACTION" to 91776 & Let's Take Back America Together!
    TAKE ACTION MENU: For our Partners' Info, LISTEN LIVE LINKS, Episodes, Subscribe, Like-Follow-Join Our Community, Newsletter & #SaveMyFreedom Movement, Take Action Resources, Immune Boosting Supplements, Patriotic Businesses, Groups, Networking, Our Marketplace w/ Products & Patriotic Gear To Buy + More

  • 02:00

    Do Wives See Sex As A Chore?

    in Current Events

    Is it true that plenty of WIVES look at SEX as a chore, especially after children?  Special Guests MARILYN ODUENYI, Cognitive Behavioral Therapist, and SHON HYNEMAN, host of It's Scarry To Remarry drop by to discuss SEXUAL desires after years of MARRIAGE. Should men expect less SEX after children are born?  Are there ways a man can assist his wife to increase the SEXUAL ACTIVITY in the MARRIAGE? Is this a societal myth whereas women too are faced with husbands with low SEX DRIVES and withhold SEX as well? Should SEX ever be used as a weapon by either partner? MENTAL DIALOGUE asking the question America's afraid to ask. ALL I ASK IS THAT YOU THINK

  • 01:26

    The Sonny Thomas Show 7.21.22: Sonny Muthafuckin' T RETURNS, bitches!

    in Current Events

    Sonny cover current events and catches upafter a long sabbatical.
    Support the South Africa Family Relief Project 
    Want to support the SA FRP?
    Link 2 Food Voucher support - Send the voucher to 27727388101 when prompted
    FB: SonnyThomasShow  TG: ResolutionRDO & SonnyThomasShow
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    Support Resolution RADIO. Every $ helps us upgrade & purchase advertising!
    Mail check, M.O. or well concealed cash to: Sonny Thomas P.O. Box 27 Springboro, Ohio 45066
    MUSIC: SAGA, BATTLE BEAST gab: @realSonnyThomas

  • 01:29

    TS Radio Network: Pennsylvania & The failure to protect the elderly

    in Current Events

    TS Radio Network is sponsored by Shenanigans in Montgomery Cty. Pennsylvania Courthouse on facebook 
    Our guest tonight is Arlene Sandra. She and Reverend Ralph will be talking about the numerous BS  bills in Pennsylvania. Efforts are underway to increase profits for professional predators and to target family members.
    HB 422 (Hickernell) Creates a database for tracking and criminal or civil  convictions for abuse, neglect and exploitation in care facilities..  (but does not mention professional predators or attorneys)
    HB 1430 (Day) specifically expands the ability for dept. of aging, an adult protective services to civilly prosecute family members for accused criminal activity and allows the state to assume the estate and the ward in adult guardianships. Specifically to increase Medicaid pay for "professional" guardians to $300 a month per ward. 
    These are just two of the upcoming bills that target family members and conveniently overlooks the predators.  the 2nd bill is an obvious money maker that will be paid through taxes to the predators.  I suppose stealing an estate, selling other peoples homes, collecting the social security and/or military retirement, and/or railroad retirement wasn't enough all the while isolating and tormenting the victim just wasn't enough!
    Welcome to Pennsylvania!  We take human trafficking for profit very seriously!

  • 01:00

    Joshua Moton

    in Current Events

    Joshua Moton- A national speech champion, tik-tok creator with over 30 thousand followers and an everyday fulltime communication student with aspirations of working in the world of film and entertainment.  Joshua has more to say, tune in.
    Watch and Listen to BLACK FAITH by Joshua Moton:
    Support Us: 
    The Xtra Spin Shop LLC
    Sharnu's (Airbnb) Palace 
    * Both sides, from side-WORD ON THE STREETS - Back side, GOTTA GET YOUR MIND RIGHT (Standard) cost: $20.00  Our New T-Shirt CONNECT
    Email us:

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    Don't Miss Today's Show American Farmers Declare We Will Soon See Mass Shortages

    in Current Events

    American Farmers Declare We Are About To See Mass Food Shortages. As Biden Helps The World He Is Refusing To Help The US Farmers. 

  • 02:15

    ET IS HERE! Ben Pellom (GA) , Ken Johnston (NM), Mike Woods (TN), TJ Morris FL

    in Current Events

    Ben Pellom of Georgia to discuss ET is HERE! He will offer up his theories in his 2 domains/websites called ET IS HERE and PELLOM PLANETARY RESEARCH; Ben Pellom, U.S. Navy Retired. In the past, I have worked as a real estate agent, in art development, and taught banjo and guitar. I now devote much of my time to researching the planets, including the earth and moons, for signs of extraterrestrial life. I decided some time back to immerse myself in all things UFO and extraterrestrial to find out for myself whether they actually do exist. Using the various NASA satellite imagery resources listed below I have amassed a sizable amount of surface images that point to intelligent life and design on a majority of the planets and moons in our solar system.  I have reached the point that there is not the slightest doubt in my mind that intelligent life and design do indeed exist on the planets and moons including earth. Research is ongoing for further discoveries. Anyone taking the time to look through my websites, and can see for themselves that there is intelligent life about everywhere.
    Ralph Kennedy Johnston Sr., aka Ken Johnson SR, is a Founding Member Associate  Co-Commander with Theresa J Thurmond Morris. Both worked for government, are veteran volunteers for ACO Association's, and, and TJ Morris for ACE FOLKLIFE - ACO Archivists, Authors, Copywriters, Editors, Educators, Historians, Researchers, and UFO-UAP Associates Radio Shows.
    Michael Lee Woods is the Artist-Director of ACE Folklife - ACO Club - ACO Associations Social Media and ACE Metaphysical Research with TJ Morris and Ascension Cosmos Oracles Intuitive Readers - Psychic Channel Network Tarot Card Artists. Michael as Artistic Impressions.l

  • 00:42


    in Current Events

    Justice Waters delivers his “opening statement” on how our enemies are conspiring to destroy America from within and without. He will continue next week to identify the key players.  As Americans, we are obligated to preserve of our way of life. America could fix herself quickly if we focus on the fix, Restoring Our Republic. We must join together as we fight against the enemies within and without as we work towards restoring our Republic. Join us as we move forward in unity.  For the People Radio 101 and Restoring Your Republic are broadcasts for the Republic for the United States of America. The purpose of the Republic News Network (RNN) is to reach out to the American People with our message of hope, that the American Republic has been restored. Tuesday evenings each week we engage in discussions about business, industry, military, law enforcement, faith, intelligence with other patriotic Americans in an effort to inform the American People of important current events and at the same time educate our guest and listeners about the restored American Republic. Opinions stated by various contributors to RNN are not to be considered as endorsed by officers and members of the Republic for the United States of America. RNN speakers are free to express their own opinions, however they are not speaking officially for the Republic, whether a Republic Officer or not. Official interim government stances are posted, in writing, at