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Night Shadows

Night Shadows


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Tonight is an extended show with author Daniel Holdings, Larry and Stewart concerning ancient proofs of visitors from the stars, DNA manipulation and the coming arrival of the "gods" that are fallen creatures and part of the strong delusion as found in Scripture. How much "help" has been given to the elite by the so-called aliens from other star systems? Is the CV-19 Jab part of a huge culling operation and DNA manipulation experiment by the RICH MEN to make those who survive all of this into hybrids? What does the future hold for 2023? What can we expect to be the next "main event?" Prophecies of war "everywhere" from long ago appear to be coming true. We will be asking Daniel a lot of questions and his opinions on many subjects and more... Thanks for listening and if you feel led to: Become a NIGHT SHADOWS Member at $9.95 per month: http://nightshadows.valueaddon.com/users/subscribe/56049f9a-993c-45ab-8d26-6e16c0a8a241 Get ALL 3 FREQUENCY ebooks, 2 monthly 40-page PDF magazines, daily news and MUCH MORE!! Stewart Best P.O. Box 55 Downsville, WI 54735 Larry Taylor P.O. Box 317 Talihina, OK. 74571-0317 Rumble: https://rumble.com/user/Runty1940 The best way to stay in touch with us is to be on the email list: http://eepurl.com/bs1HBv FREE!! Stewart Best's ?DARKLIGHT? – over 700 pages for free. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1AOcDqr9AHip5TC-ueTShecKt9YcqYief/view
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So here we are at the end of November and December rumors are flying fast, from invasion of the USA/Babylon on December 7th and of course, it MIGHT be true, we have to wait and see how all of this works out as all of this is now being... more

Ukraine is once again under massive infrastructure attack, and night photographs from Satellite prove almost electricity has been taken out - and the missiles keep coming in. Obviously, a change is war tactics has taken place, and Russia is not... more

It seems that Russia has decided it has had enough already and sent a very silent but deadly message to Ukraine, NATO and Mighty Babylon that they will use nukes to protect the motherland no matter what the cost to preserve their... more

It appears that the elite are moving very rapidly into their final phase for total control over the world population and are using the medical establishment to do so. More ramping of the fear factor continues to bring in another "booster" and... more

This is a short update because of Russia's missile attacks upon Ukraine and some missiles hit Poland, but Russia says they did not do it, which means someone else did. and so who benefits? Calls for NATO to strike back at Russia... more

So here we are at 11-11 and the warnings of trouble coming are in the heavens, but few are watching. Earth Changes abound the world over, new records, erratic weather, dire prophecies and visions concerning America and her demise... more

The non-election is over, and as expected, the communists have, by hook and crook, managed to stay in power and nothing will change because America is run by money power groups, and voting means nothing. Lawlessness prevails,... more

Bibi is back in for Israel, another sure warning as to how close we really are to Daniel's Lost Week. The we have Biden telling Kimmy The Wiz Kid that if he continues his threats we will eliminate him and his government, not a wise thing... more

So October is gone, and now we enter the first 11 days of November, and who knows what may happen next. Bibi has come back, it appears, to rule over Israel as she enters her time of Jacob's Trouble, just as the Lord told me over... more

It seems that things are moving very rapidly as we approach the 4-11 date, with war talk on the rise, seems like WAR EVERYWHERE may be the goal of the elite rich men as they must have their New World Order no matter what the cost to... more

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