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Fearless Generations


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Mother daughter life coaching team, teaching/discussing the 12 steps to Freedom. While supporting you through the generational gap to who you want to be.

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Is there something that you desire, yet you always find a reason to put it off? I have told myself that I would get a passport for myself, for the last 5 year or so, for my birthday. Though there is always some reason that I push it off again. Valuing the things that you are passionate about, what you desire, will bring possibilities into your life. What do you desire? By the way I have my passport now.
  • by KellyFox
  • in Self Help
  • 00:30

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Do you allow yourself to be fully seen in your passion? Do you share your excitement and message freely? Letting yourself express the full you with passion will bring you more joy than you know. How do you think it would change... more

Passion can have many meanings. What we will be discussing this month is our passion for our life. Do you allow yourself to be passionate about what you do, filling your cup, your family, and other important people in your life, the... more

Last month we talk about intentions and my intention is to trust myself more each day. How will you practice trusting yourself more? We would love to hear what you are doing. How has your awareness grown around how you trust others or... more

Hearing your intuition has many steps. One is hearing it between all the other things going on in your mind. Next is believing that it is your intuition, and then another is acting on it. Learning to hear your intuition, and trust that it is your... more

Control is really a myth. We have very little control. One thing we can control is how we choose to act in response to what goes on around us. We can try to manipulate others or push hard against the flow, though eventually others will... more

Trust is a tricky one, because if we trust ourselves then it is easier to trust others. Though for some, they think they trust themselves yet find they don't trust others. When in truth the former is true. If we find it easier to trust others and not... more

It is so satisfying when we create a plan and set a goal and follow it through to completion. We feel accomplished and proud that we stayed focused and committed. When you take intentional action every day it will take less effort to... more

Having an intention to live by is a great way to practice showing up as the person you want to be. In those moments of strain, you can lean on your intention and practice staying true. Sometimes you might retreat back to past behavior,... more

What have you learned from the steps we have covered? How has your life shifted or your comfort zone expanded? Has your awareness increased? Have you been more willing to take risks? Have you dug deep and connected to... more

Have you become more open to the choices around you? Have you started to see more opportunities in front of you on your path? I know if you have, your life has become more exciting. Maybe it has been a little more stressful or you have... more