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    A Rule Breaker Looks at FANG Stocks

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    FANG: Facebook. Amazon. Netflix. Google. Or is it FAANG, with Apple too? Or… FAANMG?! Reacting to a Bloomberg Opinion piece, David addresses those who would turn some of his favorite companies into acronyms. What’s your FAAMNG Score?

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    Celebrate 4/20 with PotStockRadio- Bruce Perlowin, 420Blockchain & Matt Mernagh

    in Finance

    Celebrate 4/20 a few days early with #PotStockRadio as Eric Butz @PotStockEric and his co-host Stacie welcome a few awesome guests for this special episode. We'll start the show with Bruce Perlowin who among many things is the CEO of Hemp Inc. He's also known as the King of Pot and has an incredible background and story that has led him to where he is now. 
    Next, we'll talk to Michael Kramer CEO of 420Blockchain who will help us to better understand the new and rapidly changing world of blockchain. He'll help understand things like the difference between blockchain and cryptocurrency and how blockchain is going to change the way cannabis is tracked...from seed to smoke!
    Last, we'll have an old friend of the show Matt Mernagh. Matt is a legendary advocate for cannabis especially in Canada. He's gone from being arrested multiple times standing up for the plant and every took a chance running for mayor of Toronto. He's a character who always brings interesting information and some laughs to the show!
     As always any questions or feedback about the show can be directed to eric@potstockradio.com PotStockRadio does not condone or promote the use of any illegal substance. Also, PotStockRadio is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended to give financial advice!

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    7-16-18 - Preparing for a Digital Mortgage Industry with the DMA

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    In this episode of Lykken on Lending, David interviews a host of Digital Mortgage Alliance members to learn about the origins of DMA, what DMA has accomplished so far, DMA's desired impact on the digitization of the mortgage process, why participating companies took the plunge with DMA, and what DMA is working on next.
    This can't miss interview features:
    TMC CEO, Jim Park LoanLogics CEO & DMA Committee Chair, Brian Fitzpatrick LendingQB Vice President of Strategy, David Colwell Blend Business Development, Greg Kovtun SocialSurvey Senior Vice President of Business Development, Craig Pollack As usual, the first half of the program will feature Joe Farr providing you a rate & market update, followed by Les Parker’s Market-Logics Live, a macroeconomic perspective on the economy with a music parody.  Next is Alice Alvey of Union Home providing a regulatory & legislative update followed by Allen Pollack giving us a Tech Report of the latest technology impacting our industry. Then we wrap up the first half the program with Andy Schell, a/k/a “Profit Doctor” sharing ideas on how to improve your bottom line.
    We appreciate you telling others about the show!

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    Volatility, Opportunity, and Conflict

    in Finance

    What does a trade war mean for investors? Which stocks are best positioned for a volatile market? Which stocks are our analysts conflicted over? Jason Moser and Jeff Fischer tackle these questions and weigh in on volatility and opportunity.

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    Modification Muddle and Strategies

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    There is a great deal of conflict and confusion in the world of foreclosure defense about the prospect of modification. It is obvious that approvals are random only to create the impression that an entire system devoted to foreclosing on as many homes as possible is purportedly attempting to work with homeowners.
    We all know that we are dealing with entities who have no right, title or interest to the loans or the servicing or the administration of them. Yet we are presented with a crazy hodgepodge of demands for paperwork so that the unauthorized servicer can “consider” and “get approval” from the “investor.”
    If the terms are favorable to the homeowners, many homeowners are advised by me and others to accept the modification even though we know that we are not settling with anyone who has the right or authority to bring the claim, much less settle it. But settlement/modification brings with it some potential opportunities to drill home your primary defense narrative.

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    Testing Stocking & Stiglg

    in Finance

    Geron Show testing 5 minutes 

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    CW 939 - Crystal Ball Forecaster Barry Habib of MBS Highway Zillow & Pulsenomics

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    Jason starts today's show with some final notes about Meet the Masters. There's some things you need to know in regards to availability after the event, and social media opportunities at the event.
    Then Jason talks with Barry Habib, renowned mortgage industry executive and founder of MBS Highway, about what to expect in the mortgage world in 2018. The two discuss why the media doesn't seem to get real estate, why real estate appreciation doesn't have to match stock market appreciation, mortgage tax deductions, and how the Roe v Wade decision actually impacted a housing bubble.
    Key Takeaways:
    Jason Intro:
    [9:22] Jason will no longer call California the "Socialist Republic of California", but Californians have one person they really need to lean on for relief
    Barry Habib Interview:
    [14:18] Is Barry still bullish the US real estate market?
    [18:23] The power of leverage, when a 6% return can dwarf 20%
    [22:12] The interest you pay for your house goes to the lender, but the principle is STILL YOUR MONEY
    [24:37] How much Barry expects mortgage rates to rise in 2018, and how it impact appreciation
    [25:42] Why aren't people taking the mortgage tax deduction?
    [27:23] The bullish sentiment is the highest it's been in about 20 years
    [31:33] How Roe v Wade led to a housing bubble
    "Builders are not keeping up with household formations and household formations are going to continue to rise"
    "The mortgage paydown should be considered positive cash flow, that's really what it is"

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    Tech: Wow me, Xiaomi

    in Finance

    This Chinese consumer tech company has come up on our show several times as a competitor to U.S. firms in the smartphone and wearables space. But today, we focus on Xiaomi, as its shares have just hit the Hong Kong exchange.

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    10 Surefire Ways to Stay Broke - Talking Money in the Morning LIVE! E344

    in Finance

    Success is built from your daily habits. Unfortunately, many of us have habits that are keeping us broke. Today we look at 10 SureFire Ways to Stay Broke if you don't change.
    Please Support Today's Show Sponsors.
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    About the host: Author, wealth strategist and entrepreneur H Cortez presents Talking Money in the Morning LIVE! a show dedicated to uplift the working class American by providing practical, proven wealth-building strategies. The mission of the show is to raise the collective financial I.Q. of the working class community and to inspire, motivate and encourage them to rise to greater heights. It's time that we all go beyond surviving and start living. 
    Connect with H Cortez, Financial Health Mentor Facebook.com/financialhealthmentor Youtube @ Financial Health Mentor Twitter @CortezSpringer email: hcortez@financialhealthmentor.com website: www.hcortezthornton.com Phone: 314-874-6887
    DISCLAIMER: The Financial Health Mentor H Cortez is not a tax professional or certified financial planner/adviser.  The information shared on this channel is for information purposes only.

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    Accountability Approach Helping One Group Dump Loads of Debt

    in Finance

    My friend released an interesting article highlighting people who used blogging as an accountability technique to help themselves dump a massive amount of debt.
    I reached back into the Midday Money Show archives to pull out conversations from some of them who've joined me as guests in the past.
    Accountability just may be your secret ingredient.

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