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    Derek Carr visits the Jets! Aaron Rodgers done with darkness retreat!

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    Tonight, live we’ll discuss the Jets meeting with Derek Carr, Aaron Rodgers coming out of his darkness retreat and the Jets signing a new coach! Should the Jets release Braxton Berrios? What should the Jets do with Corey Davis? All those questions will be asked and more! I take live callers! Call in! The number to my show is (515) 602-9639! Call in and share your takes! GO JETS!
    Here's all of my social media and content: https://linktr.ee/LongBeachJoe

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    Big Blue Round Table - Free Agency

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    The 2023 Offseason with the NY Giants & NFL on The Big Blue Round Table -  Platform with hosts and stakeholders to have open dialogue inbetween seasons.Series of episodes covering each area of the football team as well as our opinion on transactions around the rest of the league. Episode: NFL Free Agency Period 3/30/23 - Prospects 4/13/23 - Stakeholder Mock Draft 4/27/23 - NFL Draft Show Facebook:  The Bleed Blue Show Twitter: BleedBlueShow Instagram: BleedBlueShow

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    The 5th Quarter with Coach Johnson - South Carolina Dames - Tennessee Thunder

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    Tonight on The 5th Quarter with Coach Johnson, Coach Johnson will be discussing Women's Tackle Football.  Guests for tonights show are Audrey Harris from the South Carolina Dames and Rebecca Pounders of the Tennessee Thunder to talk about the upcoming scrimmage game that will be held on Saturday, February 25, 2023 in Bishopville, SC.  Coach Johnson can be heard every Thursday at 8 p.m. - EST.

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    Gridiron Greats The Podcast Episode #125

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      Join Gridiron Greats Magazine Publisher and Editor Bob Swick along with his co-host Joe Squires for the all new 2023 podcast of Gridiron Greats Magazine-The Podcast Gridiron Greats Magazine is the only publication in America which focuses upon the history and memorabilia of the North American Football Game since its inception in 1869. Covering 150+ years of football history and memorabilia, Gridiron Greats strives to educate and entertain its loyal and dedicated readers. Each show will talk about football history and memorabilia of the game.  Please listen.

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    New Contracts, Franchise Tags, NFL Combine Standouts & MORE!

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    Ha Kung Wong and Scott King of Football Garbage Time and Trevor Stores of Full Press Coverage and Ref the District discuss Geno Smith's new contract with the Seattle Seahawks, Derek Carr's new contract with the New Orleans Saints, Daniel Jones' new contract with the New York Giants, franchise tags for RB Tony Pollard of the Dallas Cowboys, RB Saquon Barkley of the New York Giants, QB Lamar Jackson of the Baltimore Ravens, DT Daron Payne of the Washington Commanders, TE Evan Engram of the Jacksonville Jaguars and RB Josh Jacobs of the Las Vegas Raiders, NFL Combine standouts, who should be drafted by the Washington Commanders, Detroit Lions and Chicago Bears and MUCH MORE!!!
    "Waste Time With Us!"™
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    KONS 2023 Oscars Preview: Fantastical Whirlwind

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    For the 95th Academy Awards, the clear favorite for Best Picture is the fantasy film Everything Everywhere All At Once. Should it run away, or should another picture be given consideration? Dre and Jay ask the man who has (usually) seen all the nominees and can judge for himself, Dave the Movie Expert, who has his picks for all the major categories!
    Theme music credit: "Spheres" by Robbero
    (CC BY 3.0)

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    The 5th Down Sports Show (s6 e 13) Sleeping With Bieniemy (media review)

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    The 5th Down Show is your extra down of sports and media coverage... We bring all the elements of sports and entertainment into one glorious discussion as we analyze whats happening, relate what has happened... and use the past information and the current progressions to predict the future with debates and analysis... 
    On This Episode:
    Eric Bieniemy has left the shadow of Andy Reid for the challenge of running the Washington Commanders offense... As if that wasn't a story in itself, the story took a new turn when analysts at a certain network jumped on the situation to push identity politics into the scene... and when those inferences were disputed by a former player, the knives came out and the player was thrown under the bus in an attempt to silence an alternate opinion because to the analysts, only one thing can be true and no other narrative can exist in their world... We will discuss the move and the controversy and WHY the media has to push this angle and knock down anyone who stands in their way
    All Star weekend has past and to say it was underwhelming was a HUGE understatement of the truth... The lack of stars and lack luster game performance has fans, analysts and even media members now   scrambling to preserve the game as a meaningful endeavor... We will present our plan for injecting life into the All Star Weekend and how to make it a worthwhile event for fans and players alike... 
    The latest failings of Ant-Man and the Wasp Quantumania are proof the MCU has lost all sense of its former self... We will explain how they have brought on their own demise and how the MCU is on a respirator and after Guardians 3 they will be a dead franchise... Marking the 3rd franchise Disney has destroyed in the last year and how not even the powerful mouse can recover from this latest disaster... 
    All of these topics and much, much more.. CALL 646 668 8415 to join the fun

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    Spring Football Results

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    The host will report scores and news from Spring football leagues. The host will debate pro armchair quarterbacks regarding the sports they love the most. The host will report scores from the NBA,MLB, NHL, NCAA men's and women's MARCH MADNESS.