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Robert Higgins gives tangible evidence with support of real life statistics on how to manage and progress and have open dialogue on power relationships leverage management and education for African AmericansThe facts at the end of the day are the only thing that matters in the progression of a culture. There will be special guest who help aid and support the direction of where economics should go in communities across America. The broadcast will allow others to chime in to open the minds of others who wish to contribute in the success of black people. There are so many areas if activity that we must control in order for the culture to be successful and it starts with the family dynamic first. Once that is established then we can move towards the social and political areas. The skin color should be put first before anything and the care and protection of our own people should be the covenant of black men and women all over the country.

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America has secret love affair with hoe culture and what does it mean for those who fall vicitim to it. There is a billion dollar profit when it comes to hoe culture and it has worked its way to the children. Are parents preparing their children for hoe culture instead of marriage? Are the men accpeting to the fact that the probability of finding a wife is less than none? Are the women accepting the fact that their is no husband material? Are we seeing the first wave on non sexual contact with men and women where they prefer their own agendas. We are going to have live guest who are going to speak on what are their views on hoe culture then and now and how they have faired in the dating market.
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