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    How Big Social Media is Being Held Responsible for LGBTQ Kid Harm

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    The Kids Online Safety Act is making its way through Congress as a means to protect kids, including LGBTQ kids from harm that can come from social media. The bill will protect young people from harmful design and programming decisions, while explicitly safeguarding youth autonomy to explore online.  
    Will the bill be effective? How will it work?  We find out today with our special guests. 
    Laura Marquez-Garrett is a 2002 Harvard Law School graduate and spent the first twenty-years of her career in Big Law, where she oversaw complex litigation matters and business disputes and specialized in electronic evidence and forensic investigation.In 2022, Laura left her predominantly defense-oriented practice to join the Social Media Victims Law Center. 
    We also will be talking to Lance Preston, Founder and Executive Director of the Rainbow Youth Project USA, a social welfare organization that promotes the health, safety, and wellness of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, and asexual young people throughout the United States. 
    With Brody Levesque

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    Meet Author Jay Henning

    in Culture

    Meet Author Jay Henning

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    "The CHANGE" Is Real ! You can SEE it, Touch it, Feel it & even Smell it !

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    Take a stroll downtown in any city or small town (but be careful because construction is happening ) & anybody from that area will tell you how different Everything looks & feels. With the increased online shopping & the "delivery service industry"  the feel is definitely different, it feels 'less-ish'.  Unfortunately all of the CHANGE isn't of a positive nature because while you're downtown there are many more (& homeless people have multiplied greatly, period dot) people's faces looking devestated & hungry, the closed doors of small 'Big' business store fronts (big in that many of them had been there for over 50yrs & were the backbones of generations of lives for countless families in every industry) and the loss of some of the good ol' regular stuff (remember when the ONLY thing the vendor stands sold was "Hotdogs!!!" today they're selling all kinds of stuff on the street but now you need a 'street license' new rules & fees in place) & remember when you just took your books in your bookbag to school & nobody even thought twice about what might be inside of it (that's over they need to know what inside er'body's back pack for school safety, new rules),  bottom line is, it's all Real CHANGE. Life is evolutionary & you better know it! CHANGE is Inevitable & we are L.I.T. (Living In Transition) & it's still a great time to be ALIVE !!!  Let's get into it, this 3rd Quarter ahhh & it's.... football $eaon too, that's a YEA for many folks! 

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    "Dear Society, Please SHUT UP!"

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    Parenting is an incomparable job filled with exorbitant challenges. It is preconfigured with multiple critical responsibilities, no user manual, and subject to scrutiny by the courts of public and private opinions. Tack on the added pressures of government and society interference, and you have one eternal revolution. Today’s parenting scenario can almost be described as a carbon copy of a gang attack on parents. Our rights as parents are continuously challenged, restricted and intruded upon by a society who holds parents accountable to fix the chaos they create.The few small but critical cushions of parental support society once had in place to aid parents in preserving childhood innocence and safety have been swapped out for unlimited access to grown-up life experiences given to our children without  parents permission or community regard. Yet the responsibility to raise a balanced child lies on the parents they betrayed, and the right to vent frustration and burnout is prohinited without judgement. Join in tonight with my special guest--TikTok sensation Coach Yma Cooke, who's video "F--K Them Kids" has gone viral and opened up a platform for parents everywhere--ESPECIALLY MOTHERS-- to vent their frustrations. Also, tonight Kaydee officially presents her artists--"Untitl3d"--teenaged twin brothers who are tackling critical issues while spreading awareness  and positivity through their music from the youth's point of view. Their music will be played throughout the show as we prepare for their upcoming interview on the show, Has society forgotten that parents are people too? Tune in at 10 pm EST by calling 347-327-9967, or stream it live at www.blogtalkradio.com/kaydeelyssa.
    Coach Yma: https://www.tiktok.com/@thecoachyma
    Untitl3d: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCx3fAH28GXfqAdIEzYaogdg

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    KDL with Kiler Davenport & Victor Hugo w/ Special Guest Richard Dihlman

    in Culture

    Welcome to Kiler Davenport Live with the Lone Wolf. This special episode is going to be very powerful. Tonight we are going to sit around the digital campfire with myself, Kiler Davenport, Victor Hugo, and special guest Richard Dihlman. This is a powerful conversation that is not to be missed. We are going to be talking about many different topics from what is going on with the 2024 elections to Maui and Lahaina, and much more.
    Tues. Sept. 5th, 2023 - 6 pm pac to 8 pm pac / Wed. Sept. 6th, 2023 - 4 am gmt to 6 am gmt  
    Call in number: 646-716-8423

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    The #1 Long Island Psychic/Medium Offers Free Relationship Advice

    in Romance

    Cindi Sansone-Braff," the Romance Whisperer", talks with the dead to help you live well and love better. Warning: If your relationship is in trouble before you do anything -- listen to this radio show. Cindi has a unique approach to relationship counseling -- believing that a good relationship begins with...you. Cindi and her producer/co-host, Nicole, will share the highs and lows of their own love lives, and reveal how their lives are changing as they incorporate the Grant Me a Higher Love principles into their own lives. Cindi was named Best Psychic five years in a row by the "Long Island Press" and the psychic/medium recommended by "Newsday" and the "Daily News." She was featured on Cablevision's "Neighborhood Journal." Cindi is the author of three spiritual, self-help relationship books available on Amazon, "Grant Me a Higher Love," "Why Good People Can't Leave Bad Relationships," and "Confessions of a Reluctant Long Island Psychic." www.grantmeahigherlove.com .

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    Live Your Music - Margaux Joy and Guest Gene O. 09/20/23

    in Lifestyle

    I am happy to have Gene O. back as my guest for Live Your Music!  Join us for a conversation about his musical journey and hear songs by Gene O. during the show!
    Gene Orphanopoulos (Gene O.) is a California West Coast Indie Musician, Singer, Songwriter, Actor and Producer with decades of experience recording and performing his original music combined with many of the most popular cover songs that have influenced him throughout his career.
    He’s performed live together with Internationally known Recording Artists such as Mark Farner, Ronnie Montrose, Michael Anthony (Van Halen), Boz Skaggs, The Outfield, The Romantics, The Tubes, Huey Lewis & The News, Greg Kihn, Eric Martin, and Jesse Colin Young.
    Gene O. has topped the ReverbNation Indie Artist Singer Songwriter Charts, holding the #1 spot in the San Francisco Bay Area and the Top 10 on their U.S. and Global Charts. He’s also topped the N1M Singer Songwriter Charts at #2 in California and #25 in the U.S.A. Gene O. is a featured V.I.P. Artist on the ITNS Radio & SWC Global Media Channel. Music by Gene O. includes his debut Solo album “Geneology” and two Singles “Cool” and “Crazy World”. and two albums from his previous 80’s rock bands, "The Make Up Sessions” and Addiction “Get Hooked”. Gene O. is releasing his new single “You’re The One For Me” on September 24th 2023.
    Gene O. is actively engaged in providing Music Supervisors with songs to meet their needs for sync-licensing placements on all Media formats. He’s recently had a placement with his song “Sweet Infatuation” on Motor Trend’s Cable TV Show “Car Fix” and has a complete library of sync-ready cues prepared for licensing.
    To connect with Gene O visit his website: www.geneo.rocks

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    BE Lifestyle Radio Episode 2

    in Lifestyle

    In this Episode 2 edition of BE Lifestyle Radio, the Host Letitia Dorsey affectionately called "The Dr" talks about Mother in Laws vs Mother in Loves

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    Listen to YAHWEH's Truth from His Late Great Prophet Mowreh Elesha

    in Culture

    Shabbath Shalom, All Praise, Glory, and Honor belong to The True and Living ELOHIM, The Mighty YAHWEH on His Holy SABBATH DAY by saying HalleluYAH!!!!!!!

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    Documentary podcast

    in Romance

    Special guest, Dwayne Brown  Join us for an unforgettable interview with filmmaker Dwayne Brown and his incredible efforts to raise awareness of mental health and cancer. ??

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