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    QBO Show 11/15/18: #QBConnect 2018 Interview - Guests Alex Barnett & Joe Lauer

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    Stacy had a chance to chat with Alex Barnett, Director of Intuit's Developer Platform  & Joe Lauer, CEO of Greenback.com while at 2018's QuickBooksConnect.com to discuss apps!
    Same talk show format, same fun times, only we're back to audio only podcast. We'll be answering your pressing questions about QuickBooks Online, helping you become a Firm of the Future, talking to accounting industry guests and sharing best practices for your bookkeeping, accounting or consulting practice.  2nd & 4th Thursdays, 2-3p PT/5-6p ET *Probably don't want to miss ANY week. Just sayin.  

  • Russell Rivera: Financial Wellness: The Next Frontier in Employee Benefits

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    Russell D. Rivera, CFA, CFP® is the Founder and President of Voice Wealth Management. He sees himself as a Personal CFO and Financial “Therapist” for entrepreneurs, young professionals, and their families. He believes that by getting started making better financial decisions as soon as possible that his clients will be able to lead more fulfilling, less stressful lives.  Russell graduated with a BA in Economics from Harvard University, was granted his CFA Charter in 2007 and became a CFA certificant in 2016.  He spends most of his weekends as the bench coach for his son’s baseball team.
    About our discussion he asks, "Have you noticed that many commercials from financial services companies seem to be more focused on your financial picture is part of your overall well-being?  While wellness of the body and mind have already been part of corporate wellness programs, companies are also seeing additional benefits in helping their employees with financial wellness.  Providing an optional retirement plan may no longer be sufficient to attract new hires and maintain employees, but companies that are on this new benefits frontier may be able to get more out of their workers.  Listen to this program to find out more about this new frontier and see how it might add to a business enterprise."


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    Corprate grants are all around you but, it's where you look that you will find them.  This is money that corporation give away when they've made a profit.  You will never know what you can get from a major corporation until you ask.   There's money all around you but, you have to be willing to put in the work.  So, is corporate money worth it , yes it is and you can even create a long term partnership.  So, go get your money honey and never underestimate the power of corporate grants and corproate funding,

  • The Secrets To Effective Marketing:

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    A reliable and comprehensive real estate business plan contributes so much to the success of any business. The lack of a global real estate business plan has been the downfall of many young companies. These guidelines are helpful when you want your business to grow.
    To be sure legal problems do not harm your real estate business, be sure to file all state and federal forms and get a basic understanding of business law. If you're among those who lack basic knowledge of the real estate business law, it's highly suggested that you consult with an attorney as soon as possible. Remember if you're caught up in a costly court case that will be the downfall of your business. A good relationship with a smart real estate business attorney is a great benefit to anyone facing a legal challenge.
    Consumer research shows that customers care a great deal about the positive and negative reviews a particular real estate business has. Positive ratings and stellar reviews from your best customers are invaluable. It's a good idea to promote feedback that highlights your most quality aspects and selections. Customers leaving their opinions is extremely practical, and they're doing you a favor. Thus you should reward them with promotions and discounts.
    For more Information, visit  Piper Properties Group Address: 5317 Grande Market Drive Appleton WI 54913, Appleton, WI 54913 Phone: (414) 322-8697

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    Real Estate Notes, with Bill Mencaro

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    Bill Mencaro started investing in real estate notes in the early 1980s. Notes are perfect for people who don’t want to deal with tenants and/or the act of landlording, but still seek the passive income real estate has to offer.
    Real estate notes, as Bill puts it, are a way of acquiring cash flow without having to deal with tenants. Note investing goes back thousands of years. In our present context, Bill is referring to privately-held real estate notes—not bank-owned notes. In its most basic sense, if you own a note, you become that bank. Rather than the buyer paying a monthly mortgage to the bank, they pay you—the note-holder. And, like a bank, you get an interest rate on top.
    Bill and Abhi also discuss the thought process behind investing in notes, how many notes exist today, and where to buy/sell them.
    Contact Bill using the Contact Us form at PaperSourceOnline.com, or meet at one of their events!

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    Smart Real Estate Coach: Real Estate Investing for Women...& Men

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    Moneeka Sawyer is the blissful millionaire. She is the creator of the Blissful Real Estate Investor Formula and is the international best-selling author of the award winning book “Choose Bliss: The Power and Practice of Joy and Contentment.” She teaches you how to invest for the future of yourself and your family though real estate in a way that takes very little time and is low stress. Using her strategies, investors have been able to pay for big life events such as college educations, weddings, and retirement. She believes that we can and should choose bliss in all areas of our lives, including in our businesses and investing. Her expertise has been featured nationwide on radio and TV including ABC, NBC, and Fox. What you’ll learn about in this episode: What bliss in real estate means and how to integrate a blissful attitude into your business dealings How being blissful can provide you with the emotional stability to be successful without allowing negative emotions to cloud your judgment How Moneeka learned her first lessons in real estate at the age of three years old due to having immigrant parents who wanted to build a better life Moneeka’s wisdom her father imparted to her about dealing with money issues and managing stress Why Moneeka specializes in buying and selling “executive homes” to corporate executives in top companies What advice Moneeka shares with the investors she coaches and with the peer-to-peer Mastermind group she holds How Moneeka survived her biggest investment challenge in 2008 and how she turned a dire setback into her greatest career success by keeping cool and staying optimistic Why Moneeka values the financial freedom she has created for herself more than anything else Moneeka’s morning routine that helps her find success and focus every day . http://loaradionetwork.com/chris-prefontaine

  • In the Cut with Jay "Showing Love to Entrepreneurs"

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    What's up Family?
    And I hope everyone is feeling thankful and blessed! I know this week has really been busy and off the chain. But yall know the saying if you want something new you might have to do something different! And that's how its been for me. But this week show I am showing love for all the business owners and entrepreneurs! Call me and tell me what you have going on, and where you are from. Until Thursday night on #inthecutwithjay be blessed and give a helping. Love yall and thanks for all the support.

  • PRF Table: Canceling Holiday Debt (pt.3)

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    PRF Table: Canceling Holiday Debt is the theme for November 2018.  Our guest will be Sa’eed Abdul-Khabeer AKA “The Professor” of Willingboro, NJ.  Join us at 8pm EST/7pm CST as we provide you with some practical and spiritual tips on erasing the effects of seasonal spending!!  Call in to 347.215.7934 or listen online at blogtalkradio.com/prftable. #PRF

  • Dare to Win: The ULU Economic Empowerment Plan

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    A sober discussion of the systems and institutions necessary for real Economic Empowerment for our people:  The systems and institutions of the past have not worked. New models are required and Us Lifting Us is leading the way in building this New Economic Paradigm. It’s not enough that we struggle; we must build and maintain ways and means that insure our success, not only for ourselves, but for future generations. As ULU, We Dare to Win!

  • Tammy Collins Markee Radio Show with Special Guest Claire Sulmers

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    Ms. Claire Siobhan Sulmers is the founder of FashionBombDaily.com, and the industry’s leading fashion blogger chronicling fashionistas of color. Her pioneering work ushered in a new wave of digital journalism that fed and fueled an under-served community of African-American and Latino style lovers wanting to know more about brand from the culture. Beyond developing and directing content for FashionBomb Daily and its affiliate sites, Sulmers has done extensive style writing for other platforms including Vogue Italia , Vogue Paris , and ESSENCE Magazine. Her body of work and online following - now numbered above one million - has made Ms. Sulmers the influencer of choice for major corporate brands who want to reach her audience including Toyota, Reebok, Verizon, and others. Ms.Sulmers, who hails from Atlanta, Georgia, holds a degree in French and African American studies from Harvard University. In 12 years, Claire has accumulated over 1.3 million followers, written a book “The Bomb Life”, and is now working on her 2nd book.
    Co-Host John Shamburger
    Co-Host Ashley Little