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  • How Can Yoga Help?

    in Health

    How can yoga improve your health and your life. Join us this Thursday at 12:30pm, as Yoga instructor, Becky Scoggins, will share just how yoga can help improve so many areas of our lives. With humble origins in the corporate arena, Becky spent over 15 years in marketing, advertising and public relations for large and small companies alike. Her journey with weight loss eventually led her to yoga, which turned out to be the very change her sedentary life needed. Five years later, her passion for health and wellness enabled her to obtain her RYT-200 certification, which she utilize to teach students of all shapes, sizes and abilities. Specializing in stress and anxiety, trauma, PTSD and at-risk/ incarceration, she shares her love of yoga by equipping her students to tackle any challenge in life with a no-frills, down-to-earth approach to each class or practice. She is also the only certified instructor in Greensboro for BUTI Yoga, a yoga style that combines tribal dance, primal movement, power yoga and plyometrics into a calorie-torching, insanely fun practice. She lives in Greensboro with spoiled spoiled trio of boys; my husband, son, and teacup chihuahua.

  • Part 10: CUTV News Radio welcomes back Dr. Victoria Mondloch

    in Health

    Waukesha, WI – The Women's Health Initiative was a huge research study of 200,000 women in the US, considered the be-all, end-all, landmark study of the effect of hormone replacement therapy on the leading morbidities and mortalities in women.
    To this day, the Women's Health Initiative is considered the gold standard study of hormone replacement, but according to Dr. Victoria Mondloch, the study is flawed, and millions of women have suffered as a result.
    Dr. Victoria Mondloch is a practicing physician with over 30 years of experience specializing in women’s health, family medicine and preventive health and wellness. An OBGYN by training, Dr. Mondloch today describes herself as a wellness physician, partnering with patients to deliver the best healthcare possible, and to her the best healthcare possible includes hormone replacement treatment.
    According to Dr. Mondloch, the foundation of health is hormonal balance, which traditional western medicine too often ignores, overlooks or outright dismisses. Dr. Mondloch says hormones should be the first thing we examine.
    Dr. Mondloch is the author of Full Bloom: Perimenopause, Menopause and Beyond, where she explores and debunks the myths of menopause, revealing the science behind it all.
    “My confidence comes from patients who walk into my practice and tell me they cannot get satisfaction anywhere else,” says Dr. Mondloch. “The one truth that I find in every single patient walking into my office is that nobody's had their hormone levels checked.”
    For more information on Dr. Victoria Mondloch, visit www.victoriajmondlochmdsc.com

  • #118 Help Breast Cancer Treatment with Lymphatic System Detoxification

    in Health

    When you are going through breast cancer treatment excess cellular waste is created that can limit the lymphatic system and healing. You can help breast cancer treatment with lymphatic system detoxification to help alleviate the buildup of cellular waste. When you are receiving chemotherapy and radiation or more natural treatments you will feel less toxic as you go through your breast cancer treatment when you include lymphatic system detoxification. By improving the lymphatic system you are helping to oxygenate the cells and build the immune response. 

  • CUTV News Radio Features AdvoCare Distributor and Advisor Linda K. Steinkoetter

    in Weight Loss

    Paintsville, KY – Linda Steinkoetter is an independent distributor and advisor for AdvoCare, a world-class nutrition company specializing in health and wellness, weight management, vibrant energy and sports performance. AdvoCare offers cutting-edge nutritional supplements as well as the opportunity to earn income by sharing AdvoCare products with others.
    “We're giving you the tools to help you get a better body, to help you with your nutrition, and make you an all-around happier person,” says Linda. “We coach people in better health, and we coach people in how to earn a little side money if that's what they want to do.”
    Founded 26 years ago by the late Charles Ragus, AdvoCare is driven by a desire to help people improve their lives. Ragus chose the name AdvoCare to express his commitment to be an advocate who cares for others.
    AdvoCare’s products are formulated by an elite scientific and medical advisory board with over 200 years combined experience in pharmacology, toxicology, nutrition, sports performance and pediatrics. AdvoCare’s product endorsers include professional athletes, champion amateur athletes and acclaimed entertainers.
    AdvoCare offers five product lines of safe and effective products that support weight loss, sports nutrition and energy. Each of the lines are tailored to fit the needs of customers based on their nutrition and wellness goals.
    AdvoCare’s biggest products are Spark®, which boosts your energy and helps you focus, and Rehydrate®. With 71% less sugar than any Gatorade®, Rehydrate® is now an official sponsor for Major League Soccer and NASCAR.
    For more information on AdvoCare, visit www.advocare.com/170721072

  • Part 3: CUTV News Radio welcomes back Dr. Julianne Blake

    in Health

    Temecula, CA -- Dr. Julianne Blake is on a mission to educate Americans on self-awareness, self-love and a whole new way of eating and living. She is a licensed therapist who has travelled the world to learn all different kinds of medicine and has herself confronted a degenerative disease.
    After being diagnosed with MS, dancer Julianne switched her career focus. She obtained her Master’s in Counseling and PhD in Clinical Psychology. She began exploring meditation, acupuncture and alternatives to bolster our immune systems, as well as gather the emotional fortitude needed to deal with auto immune diseases like her MS. Today she is more energetic herself with a diverse range of clients who experience greater health and happiness and have even overcome Cancer.
    Much of the problem therapist and success coach Dr. Blake says, comes from negative conditioning. The typical two-year-old will hear the word no hundreds of times in a day, yet hardly hear praise and positive phrases like great job, or you’re terrific. Our subconscious mind and sense of self, she notes, is formed by the age of seven. So as adults, we are often stuck with a mindset that we’re not good enough, lost or powerless. Helping people take back control, break through and be empowered-- both physically and emotionally—has become the core of Dr. Blake’s mission.
    In her extended series on CUTV News, Dr. Blake will talk about the steps she takes to support her clients. From guided meditations and self-discovery adventures, to coaching and tools for motivation, she offers many ways to nurture yourself.
    For more information, visit http://www.julianneblakephd.com

  • Myeloma Crowd Radio: Yogesh Jethava, MD, University of Iowa

    in Health

    A new clinical trial is open combining low dose melphalan, a drug commonly used at high doses for stem cell transplant, and high dose intravenous Vitamin C. Learn more about how these two treatments work synergistically and why they have been combined in a clinical trial at the University of Iowa. The University of Iowa has unique experience with IV Vitamin C and Dr. Yogesh Jethava joins Myeloma Crowd Radio to share this fascinating open study now enrolling patients. 
    Dr. Yogesh Jethava is Associate Professor and Director of the Multiple Myeloma program as well as Associate Director of the Blood and Marrow Program at the University of Iowa. Prior to this appointment, he was director of the Bone Marrow and Stem Cell Transplant Services Division of Hematology Oncology at the Winthrop P. Rockefeller Cancer Institute at University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences or UAMS where he established the first fully functional allo transplant unit. There, he was Director and Attending Physician for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Subspecialty Clinic.  
    Dr. Jethava is an International Myeloma Working Group member and part of the EMBT malignancy working group and is a member of the Experimental Therapeutics groups and others. He reviews abstracts for publications like blood leukemia in the Blood Cancer Journal, and he is also working on studies that involves high dose vitamin C infusions for plasma cell disorders like myeloma. 

  • Forced Adoptions Taken Without Consent Live with A Uk Mum P2

    in Caregiving

    The push to increase adoption in England is punishing low-income women, who are increasingly losing their children due to poverty, according to research.
    A report to be presented at the House of Commons on Wednesday contains new research from the legal service and campaign group, which suggests the policy of increasing adoption has not reduced the number of children in care – as it was intended to – but has increased the number of those separated from their parents.
    Dr Andy Bilson, emeritus professor of social work at the University of Lancashire, has been analysing the data gathered between 31 March 2001 and 2016. He found the number of children from care living with adopted parents or special guardians, has increased from 87,090 to 143,440 – a rise of 65%.
    His research found adoptions have risen by 40% over the past five years, compared with the five previous years, but over the same period the number of children in care rose by 7.5% to 70,440.

  • 00:20

    Paris Fire, Freemasonry, and Flipping the Script to Exit the Matrix!

    in Health

    This week, the whole world is talking about the devastating fire in Paris that happened on April 15th and engulfed the spire of Notre Dame in flames.  On the same night, the third holiest Mosque of Islam burned in Jeruselum. Earlier, there was a major fire at the National Museum in Brazil on September 2, 2018 that destroyed millions of artifacts and knowledge of languages no longer spoken.
    Unbeknownst to most, there is a connection between these fires through the langauge of Gematria, a code used by Freemasons and secret societies.  Gematria is an ancient practice of coding numbers and letters into words and it is the language of Playbook that manages the events unfolding in the MATRIX.
    Listen to how the seemingly incongruent events of the world are deeply connected to understand the underpinnings of the MATRIX and how to flip the script of the Playbook. History repeats because we do not know the Playbook. Is it time to change the course of humanity from devolution to evolution?
    Consult with me for healing at Nature of Healing.org.  Check out my books: 
    The Nature of Healing, Heal the Body, Heal the Planet, and Free Your Voice, Heal Your Thyroid, Reverse Thyroid disease Naturally.

  • Recognition Friday w/Barbara Gasich, Deb Brolley, Claudia Field & Amanda Davis

    in Health

    Recognition Friday with Barbara Gasich, Deb Brolley, Claudia Field and Amanda Davis.  Let's celebrate the latest success stories and rank advancements of our IBDs!!!!

  • The Mayo Clinic: How to be a Safe Weekend Warrior

    in Fitness

    We boomers know that, if we want to continue to celebrate our lives, we’ve gotta keep moving. In other words… exercise. That’s why this show is especially helpful and informative. 
    Our guest,Dr. Anikar Chhabrais an orthopedic surgeon in Scottsdale, Arizona and is affiliated with Mayo Clinic in Phoenix, Ariz. He joins us to share all about how we can keep moving, keep fit and avoid injury… a particularly important topic for those of us over fifty.
    If you care about your health and wellbeing and want to retain an active lifestyle well into your 80s and beyond, you will want to be sure to catch this show!

  • The Truth in Medical Healing

    in Health

    All about health and Medical Healing, prescription drugs adverse events, antiaging,The effects of acidosis on health and wellbeing.