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  • Haunts of Richmond and Supernatural News

    in Paranormal

    It's end of the month and we are getting close to the Halloween Season so there is no better time to bring back Chris and Beth Houlihan to regale with their creepy stories of from the Haunted streets of Richmond, Va.  But wait there is more because after that The Freaks are going to bring you the best Paranormal and just plain weird news they can find!! 

  • Hair & Skin Care Product Talk: Brand Owner Spotlight with Demetria Hayden

    in Podcasting

    Join WIFD Radio for our weekly line up of inspiration and motivation! Listen live on www.wifdradio.com.
    Mondays at 7pm - Healthful Hair Talk "Up Close and Personal" with Hair and Scalp Expert Demetria Hayden
    Mondays at 8pm - Hair and Skin Care Talk with Cosmetic Chemist Angela McGhee
    Tuesdays at 7pm- Fash Feathers with Evangelist, Healing Teacher, Public Speaker, and Fashion Expert Walesa Norris
    Wednesdays at 7pm - The Healing Hour with Licensed Clinical Psychotherapist Lauren White
    Fridays at 7pm - Dreamer's Academy with Small Business Consultant Iris Nichole Patterson
    Tune in each night at CST on WIFD Radio where inspiration is our motivation!

  • "How to get a husband in 90 Days" with Samantha Bessudo Druker fromDivaGalsDaily

    in Podcasting

    Joins the ladies as they speak with Samatha Bessudo Druker who recently tie the knot in June 2018 . She is the relationship guru! She snagged her husband and married him in 90days! We are excited to hear her tips, advice and her journey! Join us and call in if you have any question for Samantha! 347-539-5729

  • Mondays. Events and news

    in Podcasting

    Welcome to resistance radio with Heracane Anne russle hodde vergil spragis. Joseph Barnard tonight's show news updates. Events and future predictions of upcoming elections tun in live and call in and join us from around the world bringing real news and real people making news Great again


    in Paranormal


  • Tulsa County District 3 Judge Incumbent Sharon Holmes and Opponent Blake Shipley

    in Podcasting

    The District 3 Judge position is up for election in November 6. Get out and vote. Dial 646 716-5525 and press the 1 button.

  • 00:26

    Big Blend Radio: Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests in Northern Colorado

    in Travel

    On this episode of Big Blend Radio, US Forest Service Public Affairs Specialist Reghan Cloudman, provides an overview of Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests and Pawnee National Grassland in northern Colorado. Known collectively as ARP, these public lands flank the Rocky Mountains and its foothills on both sides of the Continental Divide, and rank as the most-visited National Forest and Grassland for recreation in the nation, drawing over six million recreationists annually. Year-round recreational opportunities are abundant and include hiking, camping, wildlife viewing, horseback riding, fishing, skiing, and other winter sports. Vist NationalParkTraveling.com to learn more about Pawnee National Grassland, and to learn more about the local communities of Greeley and Weld County. Music on this episode is “High on a Mountain” by Shelley King. This episode is sponsored by Visit Greeley "You've Just Gotta Get Here!"  

  • Your Psychic connection with Barbara Petrone

    in Paranormal

    Tonight will be an exciting opportunity to talk to psychic , author and radio host about her book Shhhhh as well aslearn personal facts about yourself that you didn't have answers for. Join us and tune in at 7:30pm EST, 6:30pm CST, 5:30pm MST and 4:30pm PST by calling the studio number 347 945 6003 and hit the 1 key to ask a question or make a comment.

  • MLP G4 Plushies Pt 10 Multiple Companies Pt 2 - 9/29/2018

    in Hobbies

    Oh yes, we have made it back to Plushies.  Now Hasbro has basically given license to several different companies to create these creations, so we will be going through them by company.  Please note that if there are less than 5 plushies in the company’s selection we will lump them with other companies.  Also, if there are more than what we can do in one show we will of course be dividing them up as well.  Tonight we will be doing a number of companies have 5 or less plushies in their stock to get through as many of them as possible below is the list of the companies we will be doing tonight. 
    Companies covering tonight are:  IMC Toys, Jemini, Kurt, Adler, Mead Toys, Megatoys, Multilaser,
    Blind Bag Pony of the Week:
    The website we will be using is:
    MLP Merch http://data.mlpmerch.com/
    Also, this is the checklist of pony's we have done already, please note this will be updating as we go along.
    If any of our listeners know of a good website to use please contact us at mylittleponytalk@gmail.com please when contacting us with a website make sure it is a site that is always kept up to date.
    Also, join us for our wacky conversations.
    Please note that since there are very few items in the G4 line we do have a lot of random talk at the start of the show.  For example, pony mail, or even non-pony related packages as the contents are never known till they are opened. Then some random news, do apologize if we do more than intended but this is also to catch ourselves up with each other.

  • Awakening The Unknown- Para Unity Call-ins

    in Paranormal

    September 29 is National ghosts Hunting day. Calling all Para People Teams and groups. We will have a live call in show for everyone to call in at 563-999-3002 at 9-11 Eastern-Time. We want to show Para unity So if you would like to be a part Please drop us a line so we can give you a call in time to Plug your group Location an History is welcomed. We look forward to hearing from you all!  Message Awakening The Unknown https://www.facebook.com/AwakeningTheUnknown/ 

  • R.I.F.T. Radio Network- Special Event WLGH LIVE @ Selma Mansion

    in Paranormal

    A day of celebration, unity, and a gathering of like minded individuals with one comen goal. To come together as one , on one day / night !
    National Ghost Hunting Day , WLGH , bring over 150 locations together at one time . Produced all over the world by thousands and thousands of group, societies and people all together with one agenda. To bring unity and thought at one time and one moment . The worlds largest reseach moment for some, while the largest ghost hunting expedition for others all together.
    Join The R.I.F.T. team as they join this unique event as they go live from The Selma Mansion in Norristown Pa.  Join the event broadcasting team : Lisa Renaga and Shelley Caswell Booher as the link Cat and The Hitman from The Orion Effect to the networ, as we do oour part in the media connection of the night and day. Cat and The Hitman will be LIVE on our facebook Fane page www.facebook.com/therift.blogtalkradio/?ref or The RIFT Network @therift.blogtalkradio, The First 15 minutes Cat and The Hitman along with the broad cast team will be taking Q&A of the event and and activity taking place at Selma Mansion , At 9:15 pm EST, studio lines will shut down as the location begin to check in !
    Through out the this hour broadcast, The RIFT broad cast team will be speaking to teams all over the world. Calling in and giving their updates of their locations . We are proud to be associated with WLGH and be apart of the broad cast team. Our goal is to spread the media coverage and given a stronger unity to this special and unique event
    Special thanks to Bill Freeman, Shawn Anthony , Ron and Marinette and NPS Norristown Preservation Society for asking us to join their efforts to put on a incredible broadcast. Do not miss this live broad cast of National Ghost Hunting Day at The Selma Mansion . A location not just of PA, but a historic location of The United States.