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  • Live & Upcoming Episodes (73)

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    As-Salaam Alaikum. Join WORDS MAKE PEOPLE On Sun. Sept. 23, 2018 from 1-3 p.m. (EST). by calling 714 816-4673 (to speak to the host press 1) as we discuss: “WHAT IS THE COMMUNITY OF IMAM W. DEEN MOHAMMED?” Or can listen online at:
    Three questions:
    If pressed to describe, “What is the community of Imam W. Deen Mohammed?” what would you say? Who “owns” the community of Imam W. Deen Mohammed? How can we improve the unity within the community of Imam W. Deen Mohammed? Prophet Muhammed said, “None of you will enter paradise until you have faith, and you will not have faith until you practice loving one another. 
    For 33 years Imam Mohammed labored tirelessly to bring African Americans into a “new mind, thus creating new people”. The miraculous work of elevating the descendants of former slaves into a totally independent thinking designed to guide and direct them to their destiny on earth as a New People united with humanity at large.
    10 years since the physical passing of Imam Mohammed how do we quantify and qualify his community? How do we pass on this mantle to the next generation of Muslims who are eager to see Al-Islam advanced in society in support of all good American institutions, values and religions?
    Imam Mohammed’s community is not an hierarchical organization. There is no “headquarters” or “royal family”. We are not on file as a community with any Secretary of State in America; so how are we to see the community of Imam W. Deen Mohammed? WHAT IS IT THAT BONDS HIS FOLLOWERS TOGETHER?
    Join us this Sun. Sept. 23, 2018 from 1-3 p.m. EST and share with us your thoughts on – “WHAT IS THE COMMUNITY OF IMAM W. DEEN MOHAMMED?”

  • Our first chakra cleaning day

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    I want to say some things about what I want to do on this show and I would also love tot take some time to talk about the woman who is getting hers done. DT(Linda Gross) is someone who I have known for a few years and a very good friend of mine. Has interviewed over 100 thousand men in the research for her book. I will give everyone a chance to hear her story and she will have her Chakras done. Being having mine done seemed to cause a string of good luck I want to see if the same thing happens to her who knows she  may get that Oprah interview.  So what I want to do for the show is have chakra days where someone gets theres cleaned on the air. The reason I am doing this is negative energy is removed so when something like energy is removed good things can happen. So I want to see if good things can happen from having peoples chakras cleaned


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    Yoruba program

  • Nite Callers Bigfoot Radio Presents: David Osborne California Bigfoot

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      David Osborne is a Bigfoot researcher who resides in Southern California. He has had a lifetime interest in Bigfoot but has been a serious Bigfoot investigator since the summer of 2004 when he and his son had a face to face encounter with two Bigfoot in the western Sierras in California. Several years ago David started investigating reports of paranormal activity at people’s houses and businesses in California and New Mexico. He now has begun incorporating his paranormal tools into his Bigfoot investigations since a head scratching experience he had in the mountains of southern Oregon in June of 2014 on his way to his first Beachfoot camp out. Along with his Bigfoot and paranormal investigations David has written a Bigfoot book, “Bigfoot Lite” published on Amazon Kindle and is halfway through writing a follow up. As a lifelong musician, he has started writing songs again and will soon be in the recording studio with the goal of putting his songs online. David is a retired psychology/ guitar teacher who currently lives in Chino California with his wife Martha, his two Black Labrador Retrievers Wendy and Cali, and his desert plant nursery.

  • Umar Lee Talks with Senator Jamilah Nasheed

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    The St Louis Speaks Podcast has featured several St Louis elected officials. We are non-partisan abd encourage an open discussion. We are interviewing Sen. Nasheed to discuss her background and life in St Louis, the current state of affairs in Missouri politics, and the president of the Board of Alderman race. 

  • #2 Footprints | Getting to Know Rodney Coffman and the KPF

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    Join Holly as she interviews Rodney Coffman, the President of the Kentuckiana Pride Foundation of which they are the Organization that is responsible for the Kentuckiana Pride Festival each June.  Listen to get to know Rodney better and learn about the history of the KPF and some special Pride Festivals such as the move to the Big Four Bridge to the festival on the same year as the Orlando Shooting.  
    We will be taking live callers.
    Join us on the Footprints Facebook Page for comments and questions
    The KPF Website
    The KPF Facebook Page

  • Teaching Literacy with Crackers the Dog…7 Steps to Reprogramming Yourself

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    Literacy is important to Lynne Morgan, named in Who's Who Among American's Teachers. Her concern about literacy inspired her to write a series of chapter books about a dog named Crackers, whose mishaps and adventures surprise and amuse young children when adults read to them – and older children who can read the books on their own. In Lynne's first book, we meet Crackers – a smart, lovable, flea-infested, adopted puppy. When things don’t always go his way, the fun begins. In the second book, Crackers unexpectedly becomes a member of the FBI dog squad. Her third book introduces Crackers’ best dog friends: Black Jack the lovable Lab, Riley the sweet Golden Retriever, and Rascal the darling rescue dog. Info: www.crackerslmorgan.com
    Arnoux Goran grew up in hell with 2 deaf crack addicts, who left him destroyed physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. As an adult, he repeated his childhood patterns of starvation, loneliness and depression, until he invented the 7 Steps To Reprogramming Yourself…the first-ever way to erase repeating negative thoughts and old emotions permanently. He completely changed his life, and has successfully taught it to thousands of people of all ages, who have had results in their finances, relationships, and health. It’s been studied by the University of California Irvine, where 100% of the participants erased their negative emotions and could do it on their own after the training. Info: www.totalhealthmasteryusa.com


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    Host Dr. Baiza R. Muhammad of HEALING AND HARMONY FOR HUMANKIND @ 8:00pm (est), Monday September 24, 2018 reveals some chilling information. How you're mentally, physically & Spiritual habitually tricked into Self-Abuse! Nearly all Americans indulge in some form of mental, physical or spiritual self-abuse. And, the greater, surprising, data is that Americans enjoy, justify, and defend their own self-abuse habits. While on the other hand, Americans condemn different or poorer, less privileged people as being underdeveloped and in need of accepting the American way of life, and in need of America's divine leadership! Is this an accurate and true portrayal of America hailing this nation as blemish-free. Is this unrealistic, Hollywood-like illusion festering mental, physical and spiritual pervasive U.S. diseases? How many Americans care and see that this psychological and sociological national self-abuse and world condemnation is real and suicidal? What do you think? Don't miss this Truth face-off broadcast. JOIN THE LIVE TALK @ 714-816-4673. INVITE OTHERS. Listen to previous informative archived broadcasts.

  • Seasons Of Purpose with Pastor Jasper and Constance Whitehurst

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    Call in for  a Rhema word 
    Give your praise report

  • September Full Moon SiSTAR Goodness Queens Resurrection

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    September Full Moon SiSTAR Goodness Queens Resurrection Sistar SANGOME OLUDOYE brings forward conversations about Tending Our Fall Fires and Gardens. The Gathering of Sacred Tools for our Winter Medicine Bags Ancestral Healings: Knowing and Honoring our Agreements September 24th 9-11 pm est on blogtalkradio.com/ringingstonenetwork or call 323 870-3401