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  • The Don S. McClure Show Live - Understanding Emotional Blind Faith

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    The Don S. McClure Show Live Understanding Emotional Blind Faith
    In various conversations in the last week, the issue came up as to explain in our discussion the term Emotional Blind Faith. And I guess you want to know what do I mean or what does this phrase pertain too. Well let me explain; this term applies to your emotional wellbeing, not only in matters of the heart but in matters where you have to make a decision about your feelings concerning someone else who has just entered your life.  That new person you have met online on a dating site, that young lady you met at the store while shopping or in a library or a social setting. In a matter of seconds, you have to make an emotional leap of blind faith that this person male or female, will create a great new experience in your life at the moment of meeting or on the internet that first photo presented. Also there are moments where you only have seconds to decide to make an introduction or left the moment of opportunity slip pass you because you struggle with your feelings or what if, and miss judge and say to your mind, what if I get rejected or better yet what if I take the chance and make a fool of myself. in public because I can't sense if they have the same level of interest at the same time as I do. And once the opportunity slips away you say I should have said something or ask for a number or anything to show my interest.  At the end of these words, I have written,  I will share an experience I once had when I trusted my emotional blind faith.  The bottom line is 93% of the time you should trust your emotional blind faith and not leave yourself hanging in the what if segment of your life experiences.

  • Soul 2 Soul with Allie Theiss: Soulmates and Taking Questions!

    in Romance

    Allie Theiss asks a soul question: 
    How has meeting a soulmate changed your life?
    Intuitive soul connector, Allie Theiss, discusses meeting a soulmate with listeners. What is a soul mate? How have they changed your life? 
    Connecting to soul mates has never been more important than it is today to counter those who try to seperate us. 
    Allie will take callers for those who wish to give a shout out to connections, plus those who want to ask questions/get love advice.

  • 4th and Baker with Kiler Davenport and John Leckrone.

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    we are all about reality, we do not pull any punches or blow smoke up your ass just to get and hold fans. we talk about all of the hard issues like sex trafficking of children and illegal organ transplants on children and adults , we cover the dying oceans chemtrails, the dangers of smart meters, the RIFD chip, national ID cards that are on the way. mind control, the military industrial complex, the dark state, the shadow government and much more. we are the source for the latest news and information that really counts.we bring you creativity, experience and passion for the stories we report on.tune in and enjoy.we also cover life and living, the CFR, the federal reserve, gmo's,hacking, sex, relationships and a host of issues for people who care about the future of this country including the corrupt courts and cps, we must come together as a nation and a people to make the changes we are looking for so that our children will not have to suffer and be deprived of freedom and liberty. our show is radical and way out there but we feel that we need to be open and ourselves in order to bring in a powerful show and to be ourselves. we are on air to empower, to educate , inform and uplift. our shows can be shocking and they can trigger many who are overly sensitive.come anfd join us , bring your questions . comments and advice

  • The Mountain Bears

    in LGBT

    LIVE from the Mountains of West Virginia, The Mountain Bears will bring you a gay-ish, techy-ish, bearish conversation on current topics on a variety of topics. What happens when a computer guy and a psychic start talking? The Mountain Bears!
    Aeson, popular for his existing show The Psychic Coffee Shop, is a certified master psychic with over 22 years of experience helps people all around the world, from housewives to CEOs, and everyone in between, is also a gay poly bear who wears his jaded glasses like a badge of honor.
    Joe, a trained Information Systems & Operations Management professional, who has been listening to people and solving their tech problems for the last couple decades, is a gay bear who spent his college years keeping an LGBT student organization afloat.
    What do they have in common? Surprisingly, a lot. They spend most of their time helping the people who have an issue, getting to know them and understand what’s going on in their lives, their minds, and what’s really happening to be able to offer advice and suggestions.
    Although we may not always agree, we both have a commitment to coming together, hearing people out, and looking past the surface issues, and getting down to the core of what is really going on.
    Join us in Blog Talk Radio chat to take part in the conversation,  Like us on Facebook to stay up to date with what’s happening outside the studio, both with us, and the world around you!
    Visit Aesonknight.com

  • Marabelle Blue Unfiltered Episode 5

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    So let's talk Grammy's and what happened there (even though I can only watch like 10 minutes of it) but that's what the Internet is for. I'll be talking about the Drake mic turned off, Lady Gaga (who people were saying she was high on something), the appearance of the former first Lady, Michele Obama and WHY on earth was Jlo on the same stage as her. SMH.
    I'll also update you on my friend stuck in the corporate jail also known as a day time job - can we really call it work? I have to stay on this topic because these are serious matters and how do go forth in addressing them.
    Join me live Friday's at 9PM and also the announcement of the launch date of Erotic Experiences with Casey Carter and myself!!! 
    Exciting times at the KinkE Headquarters. 

  • Think and Grow Rich Faith chapter

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    Think and Grow Rich with the International Mastermind Association (#IMA).  Call 661.554.9219 to join us at 8:00 a.m., ET every Saturday morning, as we explore the success formula Napoleon Hill outlined in his best-selling classic book, THINK AND GROW RICH!  Press number 1 on your phone to raise your hand and be brought into the conversation.
    Today's show is about Chapter 2 on Faith with our special guest Lavern Blackwood and Diana O’connor from th Elevated Masterminders. 
    Our hosts are:
    Master Builder Ann McNeill, Owner of Constructively Speaking, Inc. & MCO Construction Robyn Donaldson, Owner of Renew Construction Services Ersula Odom, Owner of Sula Too Angelique Frost, Owner of Ramarsjae Brand Bracelets and Anklets (retail) Today's quest is Diana O'Connor  PhD, ARNP. Employed in healthcare field over 20 yrs. Member of professional organization, Volunteer and mentor others whenever opportunity arises. Joined mastermind group in Jan 2019.
       As well as guest Lavern Blackwood is a Human Resources Consultant and works for MCO Construction & Services, Inc. as a Project Assistant. Prior to HR consulting, Blackwood was Human Resources Manager at Palm Tran, Palm Beach County’s public transportation bus system. Blackwood also has aMaster’s degree in Human Resources Management from Nova Southeastern University and a Bachelor's degree in Communications from Pace University. 

  • Emergency Preparedness and Survival Radio & Barefoot Is Legal

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    Are You Ready- Noon E. /9am P. You never know when an emergency is going to happen. Disaster can strike at any time. Whether stuck on the road, riding out a power outage, escaping a natural disaster, or surviving a dooms day Apocalypse, What would you do? No matter the scale, whether 1 hour or 1 year, Will you survive?
    Are You Ready is the newest emergency preparedness and survival radio show on the Freedomizer Radio network.
    Join prepper & survivalist Nick Pierce, a.k.a “The Barefoot Prepper”, as he uses his over twenty-five years of prepping and survival experience and knowledge to make sure that you are ready. In this program, he is going to walk you though how to prepare you and your family to handle almost everything from the small events to a doomsday apocalypse. Now ask yourself, Are You Ready? Www.facebook.com/AreYouReadyRadio
    1:30 PM E Barefoot is Legal
    People go barefoot for medical, health, religious, cultural and safety reasons. Join your Hosts Nick Pierce & Richard Johnson during our weekly internet broadcast to learn more about living the barefoot life and the fact that there are NO laws saying you must wear footwear in public. Learn your rights and the laws. Stand up for your rights. This is the place to share stories. Learn more about what is new in the barefoot community and even legal advice. If you have questions or stories to share or even  looking for advice about the health benefits of being barefoot to share, please call! We love to hear from our audience! Take your personal freedom back and go barefoot! Guess what? It is NOT illegal to drive and/or walk around in public without shoes. Many people are not aware of that! Help us spread the word! Don't forget to visit www.barefootislegal.org

  • The Whole Truth broadcast with Rev Lionel Gantt

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    The Whole Truth broadcast with Rev Lionel Gantt

  • KEM TopTalk Welcomes Guest MixTrix

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    MixTrix who was just recently interviewed for Kink~E Magazine (click here for interview) and also submitted her KinkE Sesions Video regarding how she discovered her Inner Fem Domme will talk to Marabelle Blue about her discoveries, learning and perfecting her craft and how she runs her business.
    Unlike most dominatrixes, Mix Trix is more of a solo artist and enjoys the FemDomme life and the subs who serve her. Just upon entering her site (www.mixtrixfix.com) - she beieves in putting the "fundom in femdom". Boys of no use to her need not apply but if you are wililng and ready to serve, the instructions are right there for you to read.
    Enjoy this KEM TopTalk episode with your host Marabelle Blue bringing you the best and Finest of Alternative Lifestyles.


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    Yoruba chit-chat program


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    Even if you believe in the premise of Freemasonry, following the metaphor of light as enlightenment is not obvious. In Ontario and many other communities where Masonry is practiced, we learn so much from knowing the value fo repeating  the questions of historic and intellectual relevance.  We understand answers cahnge, teaching us respect the phenomena of changing perspective. The first time we ask a question may not produce the definitive answer so we ask again.  So we can use that insight to avoid being rash (and inaccurate) about assumptions and understanding. I tend to inject the thinking of Epicurus  and  the influence of Democritus on him. Connecting with one another as Brethren tend to do, especially intellectually is far more circuitous than opinion is from truth.  Perhaps this is oversimplifying. I tend to do that you know.  It would make it easier if you wore a T-shirt with your Hellenistic philosophical designation across the chest.   Skeptics in one group. Stocis in another. Epicureans lounging as they tend to do. Cynics standing off. Talking about potential of freemasonry is just gaining traction by men starved to resolve an essential disappointment with our context.  J.K. Rowlings  put together a wonderful fantasy  interwoven with fundamental cultural values.  If I said out loud that this amazing author was riffing on mysteries and esoteria wrapped in the history of the Order, the world would experience apoplexy.   Jacobites. Black Friars Bridge. Conspiracies, Boston Tea Party. Freemasons Party. Aleister Crowley.  Tokien and Rowlings be damned;  the distinguishing reality of legitimate Freemasonry is vulnerable as history has taught us, to being drawn into the realm of the strange. What we understand depends on the questions we ask.