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  • The Ombudsman Press Show with Bishop L. J. Guillory

    in Politics

    The Ombudsman Press Show: stimulating talk, live-callers, cutting edge interviews, in depth coverage of the most paramount topics in local, state and national news to keep we the taxpayers informed and in the know on the latest, hottest, and must know current events in politics, religion, headline news, and entertainment.  With Host, Bishop L.J. Guillory, you can depend on honest and uncensored perspective, insightful, thoughtful, wise commentary, unforgettable guest interviews every time you tune in to The Ombudsman Press Show!

  • Political Industrial Complex: Behind the Curtains of Democracy

    in Politics Progressive

    This week Down South and Dirty will talk about the Political Industrial Complex, We have all heard of the Military Industrial Complex the infrastructure behind the massive Military Economic system supported by Contractors, Lobbyist, and the Government. Well, Politics has a support system that mimics MIC. Consultants, Non-Profits, Lobbyist, Donors, Political Parties and Government. Scout and Stacey jump head first into this very familiar subject. Both co-hosts have years of experience as Organizers and Consultants and as Party officials. We will talk about the money how it flows. How it helps us win elections and how at times causes us to lose elections. This show is a show you don't want to miss so tune in and chill on the porch with us. It's time for Down South and Dirty! 

  • The PIT Radio News

    in Politics Conservative

    Please join Glenn Atkinson (TX) and Gary Rumer (ND) for Season 2  Episode 16 of The PIT Radio News on Sunday, September 23, 2018 from 1 PM - 2 CST. The "PIT" is an acronym for Politically Inconvenient Truth. We are God fearing Christians and Constitutional Conservatives. We speak the truth with nothing but straight talk. We use a "Round Table" format for less interuption as we allow our guests to promote themself. We also welcome you to call in. Our guest call in number is: 646-787-8534. Please press 1 if you have a comment or question. Thank you and God Bless.

  • Mia and Jonah

    in Military

    Join us this week as we welcome the Americana indie folk duo, Mia and Jonah. Renown as a a mesmerizing indie folk duo that seamlessly produce “songs of singular beauty, played and sung without pretense”, Los Angeles, CA. based Mia and Jonah will release "Spin as One", their 4th album, on 9/21/2018. Reflecting on family life—overcoming struggles through love and care of one other—as well as their wishes of soulful self-discovery and a collective coming-together for our world to find its way back home, Spin as One is an expansive journey through the hallowed halls of Americana, folk, country and rock. Amidst a beguiling mix of vocals, Mia adds hypnotic texture with the bending sounds of a hand saw while Jonah weaves flourishes of guitar, harmonica, dobro, mandolin, and cello. The multi-talented pair are joined by an all-star cast that includes bassist Seth Ford-Young (Tom Waits, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros), drummer Steve DiStanislao (David Gilmour, Crosby Stills & Nash, Kenny Loggins), and violinist Alan Grubner (Vitamin String Quartet) with a special guest appearance by Grammy-winning banjoist Chris Pandolfi (Infamous Stringdusters) on the title track. Mia and Jonah will support the release of "Spin as One" with a series of shows. We will talk to Mia and Jonah about their upcoming schedule, get a behind the scenes look at their music, feature their latest songs, and ask them to share their message for the troops. Please be sure to visit Mia and Jonah at http://www.miaandjonah.com and spread the word. And as always we will give shout outs to our deployed military listeners. Our message to the troops: WE do what we do, because YOU do what you do.

  • 14 million children live below the poverty level.

    in Politics Progressive

    14 million children live below the poverty line. If you look at that through the lens of those at or below 200% of the poverty .
    It is 30 million children 3.5 million black children over 5 milliom Latinos children.  6 million white children

  • Weekly Political Round-Table Discussion

    in Elections

    Weekly political round-table discussion with panel members from across the country!
    Final Thoughts:

  • NWCR Radio on Conservative Nation Media #370 -What are we thinking?

    in Politics Conservative

    James Madison, the leading author of the United States Constitution, left us a blueprint for liberty and a set of safeguards to prevent federal power-grabs.  As is well and truly known, the Constitution is the solution!  But the democrats are doing what they can to destroy it.
    Join NWCR's host Robert Garding on this journey through the laws that are supposed to govern this country and what can be done to get those laws back.  It's all in the document called the Constitution folks.  It's time we returned to it....and the laws that this nation is supposed to be following.  SNOWFLAKES be damned!  This isn't about being offended.  It's about the laws.  Working to get Douglas V. Gibbs on our show for this informative venture into laws and what is happening in America today.
    Today's show is going to be good.  What are the Constitutional aspects to what the democrats are doing?

  • PNN - Better Sources Better Methods

    in Politics Progressive

    PNN - Better Sources Better Methods
    Brook Hines Senior Political Commentator and Jeanine Mollof Ferguson Activist Author and Journalist join me for our investigation of the LATEST FLAMES AROUND THE DC PLAYPEN. Yes, the Dumpfster needs a timeout - but we have bigger fish to fry than the spoiled Brat at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. We also have a few additional Special Guests  We visit with Artist Ana Maria Hernando multimedia artist from Boulder Colorado when she talks about art and mixedmedia life. and make sure you tune in for our new correspondent - Jeanine Molloff Ferguson Activist + Progressive Journalist and author of the Amazon hit -  "The Silent Culling"
    TUNE IN LIVE SUNDAY 7pm Eastern / 6pm Central / 4pm Pacific  

  • RVS Special Radio Show By EazyBlueEyez Production Radio Network

    in Non-Profit

    EazyBlueEyez Production Radio Network Hosting Ricky Van Shelton Radio Shows For All RVS Special Fans!!
    Sunday September 23rd: 8pm Eastern Time - 7pm Central Time - 6pm Mountain Time - 5pm Pacific Time ( This Was Originally Part 5 ) Due to technical issues Wednesday September 19th, it is being done 9/23/2018 Everyone Is Welcome To Listen And Call In ( Its Encouraged ) Call In Number: 515-605-9704  
    Ricky Van Shelton is an American Former Country Music Artist. Active between 1986 and 2006, he charted more than twenty singles on the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts. This figure includes ten Number One hits: Somebody Lied, Life Turned Her That Way, Don't We All Have The Right, I'll Leave This World Loving You, From A Jack To A King (a cover of the Ned Miller hit), Living Proof, I've Cried My Last Tear For You, Rockin' Years (a duet with Dolly Parton), I AM A Simple Man, and Keep It Between The Lines. Besides these, seven more of his singles have landed in the Top Ten on the same chart. He has also released nine studio albums, of which his first four have all been certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association Of America!!
    Thanks EazyBlueEyez Production Radio Network,
    EazyBlueEyez AKA Brent Mason ( Management )

  • Big Impact: Insights and Stories

    in Non-Profit

    Vivien Hoexter and Linda C. Hartley, principals of H2Growth Strategies LLC, will discuss their new book, Big Impact:Insights & Stories from America’s Non-Profit Leaders. The book highlights nonprofit leaders from the U.S. and abroad who have found solutions to some of the world’s most vexing societal problems. Hoexter and Hartley will also share insights on how these change-makers are implementing solutions in their communities, the qualities these leaders possess, and lessons learned that maybe useful to emerging nonprofit leaders.  
    Call in live at (347) 884-8121. You don't need an account to listen, but, if you want to participate in an online chat, open a listener-only account at https://secure.blogtalkradio.com/register.aspx?type=listener to participate in a live chat. Visit Valeriefleonard.com. Archived episodes may be found at http://Valeriefleonard.com/NonprofitU, iTunes, Podcast Chart, Blubrry and Stitcher.