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  • Hey Mom's, build your business or career systematically with Madeleine Lambert

    in Self Help

    Hey Mompreneurs or overall working moms, if you are trying to balance children, house and your career, and need advice on how to do that without losing your mind, then this guest is for you. Madeleine Lambert is recently a new mom and can she talk about having a newborn and building her business! launched a digital marketing business and has grown it into a $50,000 Monthly Recurring Revenue stream. She knows what it takes to systematically grow your business and build your team.
    We'll discuss:
    How to find and build the right team for your business or career How to seize opportunities What she learned from traveling the world on her own and how it’s helped her in her business And much more!  

  • EP333: Paula Grooms on Why Men Don't Commit

    in Relationships

    Paula Grooms is a Dating and Relationship Coach, as well as a Master’s level Social Worker with 20 years of professional experience. Through her public speaking platform and international coaching program, Coach Paula helps passionate people with the unique needs of their partner for strong, sustainable and committed relationships. Paula will share fun and engaging theories from her book, Why Won’t He Commit? How a Man Decides to Make You “The One,” to help you understand the unique way in which men view women, communicate, love, commit and make their “forever” romantic decisions.

  • Dr Robyn & Dr Rosina: How did we get here from where we begun?

    in Self Help

    Exploring the layers of life that build and shape us into our current existance, that forged our paths into directions that we could not have even dreamt about in our youth. Dr Robyn and Dr Rosina are going to explore the layers of life and the challenges that we faced, the beauty that passed our way and the love that developed that changed everything.   We hope that while you are listening to our story, you have some Ah ha moments of your own, that make sense of who you. 
    Dr Robyn Mills has a PhD in Psychology and 44 years in multiple roles in the health profession.  She is passionate about creating environments where everyone flourishes. 
    Dr Rosina McAlpine, is an author, parenting expert, multi-award-winning educator, researcher and CEO of Win Win Parenting. Win Win Parenting supports time-poor, busy working parents effectively navigate the work-family interface so they can succeed at home and at work. Parents learn practical strategies to manage day-to-day parenting challenges like struggles with technology, emotional outbursts and keeping calm even in the most volatile of situations.  Dr Rosina appears regularly in the media and her innovative evidence-based parenting programs support parents working across a variety of corporations, universities and government organisations locally and internationally.

  • Let's Hear It

    in Self Help

    A forum for educators to vent, share ideas, challenges and whatever else is on their minds.

  • "Undivided" Episode 34 Gratitude Versus Entitlement

    in Self Help

    Undivided is a series that tackles societal barriers or divisions and provides strategies to move forward in peace and harmony. The series seeks to provide ways for people to connect with all that we have in common rather than on our "differences". 
    My next episode will be a solo program that will look at the concept of gratitude versus entitlement. The shift in thought from being grateful for all we have in the spirit of the Thanksgiving holiday instead of always looking at what other people possess.
    The Western cultural values of wealth, possessions, and materialism will be explored and compared to a renewed sense of community, charity, humility, and gratefulness. The role of coaching in connecting people to look at what they have versus what they do not posess and to value the truly important parts of life such as health and being able to pursue avenues for personal fulfillment. 
    The importance of staying grounded and having a spiritual connection to help connect ourselves with a better sense of gratitude will be detailed as well.
    Frank J. Maduri is the host of Undivided and is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) and a writer. He recently published a new book on Amazon titled Reflections On The Passion: A Modern Guide to The Stations of The Cross and he also has published numerous news articles. His coaching practice is focused on career transition/personal development. 
    Please listen in to this compelling and thought provoking episode just in time for Thanksgiving weekend to discover new ways to have gratitude show up in your daily interactions. Thank you for your support. 

  • Conquerors Cafe Author Spotlight Featuring Author Guy Lodge

    in Self Help

    Author Guy Lodge discusses his book, “Valedictorian”, a book written for children to help them understand what a valedictorian is and what it means to achieve such a lofty honor.  Growing up not having heard of this word before until his actual graduation rehearsal, Guy was so moved by his emotions of feeling slighted due to him not being able to have the opportunity to at least strive for this achievement simply because no one had ever explained to him what a valedictorian or salutatorian was.  This memory plagued him so he vowed to ensure that his daughters would never feel the way he did.  Therefore, “Valedictorian” was birthed!  Now, children around the world will never have to feel what he felt that day.  They will be afforded the opportunity at an early age to adopt the Valedictorian mind sent, and have the opportunity to learn what a valedictorian is and what it takes to reach this prestigious honor.  Parents of school aged children; you don’t want to miss this amazing interview!  Listeners are welcome to dial in at 657-383-0898 to join us!

  • Episode #43: "Are We Truly Thankful For What We Have?"

    in Motivation

    Tune in as Stevie discusses the topic "Are We Truly Thankful For What We Have?"  Share your thoughts on the blessings we have and being thankful for them.

  • Thunder and lightning out of the community. #1057

    in Motivation

    Do you give your children poison to drink ? Yes you do. When you teach them to live a lie.

  • Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN) - 2012

    in Self Help

    SPECIAL TOPIC Night - "Examining Institutional Abuse" with special co-host Dr Jill Jones-Soderman, a NAASCA family member and Exec. Dir. of the Foundation for Child Victims of Family Courts. ~~ TONIGHT'S TOPIC: "The Latest Plague Upon Our Houses - 'Pre Fix Custody' Litigation" -- A  predetermined end result determines the outcome of a Trial Court. Tonight's anonymous guest is from California, a section of the country where we have seen an embrace of programs referred to as 'reunification treatment programs'. These programs justify the transfer of children from the hands of Protective Parents into the hands of the children's accused abuser. Crimes against children and the parent who seeks to protect them are first defined in terms of misperception of acts of depraved, consequential abuse. But the move toward transfering a child from a Protective Parent is often justified by false reporting. The period of exclusive enforced isolation is described as a period of time to 'correct incorrect misperceptions' held against the parent seen as a danger, a threat, a criminal. The 'parentectomy' period is described by survivors of the process as a brutal, frightening, threatening experience. ~~ NAASCA knows "institutional abuse" is rampant, worldwide, and dramatically effects childhood experience of our youth, frequently causing trauma that lasts a lifetime. Many issues of child abuse involve dealing with the courts and law enforcement, foster care, child protection services, CASA and CAC organizations, etc. Jill's experience with her Foundation for Child Victims of Family Courts and her US Whistleblower effort uniquely position her to speak to these issues.

  • WITHOUT APOLOGY In Honor of Black Women - Mr Clyde Gumbs

    in Motivation

    WITHOUT APOLOGY: In Honor of Black Women, written by Mr. Clyde Gumbs. A look through the determined heart of a Black man, who says he grew to acknowledge the wonders of Black women by fathering his two daughters. His oldest daughter, Alexis Pauline Gumbs will join her dad as we discuss the gems of this literary piece.
    Mr. Gumbs’ writing clearly defines he is a man whom openly displays his authentic compassion for Black women.  Women and men alike will be tremendously blessed by the works of Mr. Clyde Gumbs.
    Listen to hear his story

  • TC 414 : StressLess for the Holidays - Good Eats Without the Guilt with Catie Fi

    in Self Help

    Join us as our food guru Catie Fitzgerald shares great tips on eating well during the holidays.  Imagine being able to enjoy the holidays and actually loose weight.  Why wait for the New Year!  This is an episode for you.  I always love when Catie joins us to share the many ways we can enjoy foods in new ways that are health and yummy at the same time.  The transformation Cafe...a wonderful place where we get to have our "health holiday cake" and eat it too. Yummm.