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    Removing The Armor!

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    Hello All
    It's that time AGAIN!!! In The Know With Mo Show #3 is coming at you. I will be featuring a special guest, my amazing husband Garrison G. Rozier III. After celebrating and completing our first year of marriage. 
    We will discuss Removing The Armor and being a place of refuge for one another. You don't want to miss it!!!

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    Unresolved Trust Issues

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    Individuals have different perceptions as to how they view trust. It can be subjective as to how it can be measured within a relationship. When one's ability to trust another is compromised one may develop trust issues. Signs of having trust can include avoiding commitments in romantic relationships, avoiding close friendships as well as having difficulties forgiving others.
    Trust issues may be caused by many factors such as adverse childhood experience, infidelity in a relationship, being gaslighted, or being in an abusive relationship. There are ways to overcome trust issues. Let's talk about it live 11/15/22 at 6pm Pacific. To join in on the conversation call 516 387-1914. 

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    Five Reasons to be Thankful all Year Long

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    Hopeologist Dr. Rosalind Lewis Tompkins has a hope chat with Apostle Pam Morgan as she shares five reasons to be thankful all year long. During this powerful conversation you will hear real life testimonies from Apostle Pam that confirms the five reasons for being thankful. Listen and learn what it means to have an attitude of gratitude. As a bonus Hopeologist Dr. Rosalind will share hope thoughts designed to help you to think hopeful thoughts.
    Five Reasons to Be Thankful and always be full of Grace for ourselves and others:
    God is Real God’s (Zoe) Life God’s Provisions God’s Love expressed through Family, Friends, Loved Ones God’s Eternal Forces: Faith, Hope, Love If you would like to ask a question that will be answered by Hopeologist Dr. Rosalind Tompkins, please visit https://wisdom.app/hopeologistrosalind/ask
    Come away for the Holidays and experience hope on another level at the Hope for the Holidays Hope Immersion Retreat. Please visit www.HopeImmersionRetreat.com for more details and to register.
    For more information about Mothers In Crisis Hope Pass It On Campaign www.makeahopeconnection.com.

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    Stand Up The Sticks w/ Clever 1

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    2022 WBNN New Host Of The Year ( Sonya Griffin Award Recipient ) #TheLegacyContinues #TheDynasty / Join us for our 3305th presentation of Ngozi Time Multimedia LLC w/ our topic: Are U HeedLess..& Why? iz This Your Hindrance? w/ special guest co-host Taina Speaks by Clever 1

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    The Diana Montfort Show

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    Mount Olympus Presents: The Podcast Premiere of
    Guest: Nick Curto
    Recording LIVE Saturday October 29, 2022 on Blogtalkradio
    Produced by Hercules Invictus
    AN OLYMPIAN DISCLAIMER: Aristotle suggested that entertaining new thoughts without feeling obliged to accept them is a wise practice to cultivate. We agree. Our Olympian podcasts explore interesting thoughts and viewpoints on a variety of topics, including health, religion and politics. Our exploration gives voice to diverse personal opinions, areas of study and systems of belief. Discussions in this forum, though sincere and enthusiastic, are not to be construed as Mount Olympus' endorsement of any particular point of view

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    The Classroom: The Toolbox

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    Greetings A Wonderful Approach Family, 
    tonight we will be digging in the toolbox to share our most valued tool and how we use it. Call in 917-889-7806....

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    Point Of Impact

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    Point Of Impact
    7PM - 8PM
    call in (563) 999 3718 
    #communityofunitedfocus #freeedomovereverything

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    Part 1: Close Up Radio Welcomes Back Empowerment Strategist Bonnie Wirth

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    Lloydminster, SK - Bonnie Wirth is a highly regarded Empowerment Strategist, Emotional Resilience Expert, and Mentor.
    “Genuinely happy people grow through their hurts and experiences, they look past the difficult times, and hold unwavering faith. No matter what happens, from the personal upheavals or to the disastrous events occurring in the world around us, keeping faith in our Higher Power will always keep us grounded, strong, and give us hope when we need it the most.”
    Bonnie encourages us to not only engage in self-care and loving who we are but to extend this love right in our very own homes, at work, among our circle of friends. We can literally make the world a better place by being kind and empathetic.
    Her work is centered on healing mind, body, and soul. When we are genuinely happy, we become a light, an inspiration to everyone around us.
    “By turning to harmful ways of coping like alcohol, drugs, or other addictive behaviors, mistreating our selves or even striking out in violence or discriminating against others, we are not allowing for the positive change we want to see in the world. How can that happen when we are harming ourselves and others in the most detrimental and traumatic ways?”
    Healing the world starts within each of us. We are all responsible for this. Once we start choosing to do our part, in big ways or small, we will experience more harmonious living and joy. Life will smile back at us and anything we dream of will absolutely become possible. Life moves in cycles and it’s not about resisting change but opening to it in the kindest and most compassionate ways. This is how we embrace our evolution. This is how we evolve.
    For more information, visit www.bonniewirth.ca

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    Come Journey With A Former Debt Collector Now HOLDING 3,450 AMC Stock Shares!!!

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    Welcome AMC apes and others,
    The hedge fund market makers are doubling down on shorting AMC Entertainment.  This "Short Squeeze" may unfortunately take some time as they are moving full steam ahead fighting a losing battle continuing their efforts against AMC which is no longer potentially a bankrupt movie theater chain.  AMC is recovering and mounting a come back under it's CEO Adam Aron.  In retaliation the hedge fund market markers are doubling-down on their losing short positions.  As we retail apes 4 million strong continue buying and holding AMC to MOASS aka the "Mother-Of-All-Short-Squeezes" we must be prepared  to "Diamond Hand " our AMC shares for the long haul.  For myself with an extensive background in credit card collections and debt management that means ... getting organized, following a budget, monitoring credit, saving for emergencies and investing only what I can afford to lose (if it comes to that). 
    The hedge funds companies, market markers and wallstreet gansters may have billions of dollars at their disposal to derail us AMC ape retail investors, but if we remain collectively focused, dilegent and mindful that these crooks need our AMC shares to eventually close out of their "MASSIVELY" losing positions - we may have an opportunity at "Generational Life Changing Wealth!"   My goal here is to stay up on my finances, stay motivated and to entertainingly help and support others in doing the same.
    VENT & CHAT:
    *AMC Entertainment *Mail Bag *Credit and Money *USA News Reports *Late Night Scary News * Entertainment Purposes Only!

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    JOIN THE CONVERSATION - Sat 8am. EST. Subscribe today so you don't miss future shows. Google Podcast, Blogtalk Radio, or Facebook Live or online by clicking the link or dialing 516-453-6065 to listen live. Remember to push 1 if you want to join the conversation.
    Today, let's have a conversation about cultivating thankfulness. When I was a young girl giving or receiving a thank you card was common. I believe it helped to foster a spirit of thanksgiving. Think about it, when was the last time you wrote a thank you note? If anything has been lost over the years, it is the art and rhythm of writing thank-you notes. Grant it; the show today is not about writing thank-you notes. But it's about cultivating the art of thanksgiving. It's about acquiring and developing an internally grateful heart. Did you know that of the 13 letters that the Apostle Paul wrote, did you know that nine of them opened by saying thank you. What prompted this show was the loneliness I experienced when I began to think about my son, my brothers, my current confrontations, and more. I could have succumbed to it. Instead, I instantly reminded myself of reasons I could be thankful. I started first by thinking of the reason I wanted to thank myself. I laughed out loud as I thought about Snoop Dogg thanking himself three years ago for his success. Some may ask, what is the point? You can't be thankful without being optimistic or having positive thoughts. Join my guests and me as we discuss intentional thankfulness. Don't forget to subscribe, like, and share. YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS IT. COME HAVE A CUP OF COFFEE ON ME! You can pick up the new book released June 28, 2022, "Conversations Over Coffee," Sold at Amazon & Barnes & Noble.