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    What you do in the dark comes out in the light

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    Jupiter, the Guru planet, the Big Guy in the Sky is mixing it up with Venus and Mars and everybody else wants to get in to the act...
    Join Astrologer Anne Ortelee and Alchemist JeMaja Selas as we keep our cool during the Via Combusta...  

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    What Happens in Our Lives When We are Truth to Ourselves?

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    Sometimes we find it hard to be ourselves. We do not even know why. We assume for others what they will think of us and we think that we are not good enough for one reason or another. Yet the truth is, when we are ourselves, that is all we need. We think we need people, we think we need things, yet we are the greatest resource we have. We are Earths greatest resource yet why do we over look that so easily and regularly? Tune in and Join in on the Conversation, Tomorrow Morning at 5:30 AM, PST! 

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    The Mis-Education of Colin Kaepernick #TOLRadioShow

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    Join us as we discuss the Colin Kaepernick sago; former quarterback of the San Francisco 49er's, who is is still looking for a job on an NFL roster. Was he wrong in using his 1st Admendment Rights of Free Speech and kneeling during the singing of the Star Spangle Banner to protest the injustices that blacks and other minorities face in this country? Should've he chosen another way to protest? Did he jeopardize his NFL career because of his stance? Find out these answers and more on our next show.

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    From The Battlefield To 3D Printing with Karolyn Smith

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    San Diego native Karolyn Smith enlisted in the US Army shortly after 9/11, at 29. Serving as the 'crew-serve' machine gunner Iraq in 2004 as a Military Police Officer, Karolyn sustained injuries from one too many roadside bombs, and would eventually return home to San Diego. Severally under-treated by the VA facility and finding herself on a new battlefield struggling with the crippling effects of PTSD and debilitating pain, Karolyn would be treated with high dose opioids by the VA for almost 5 years, coming dangerously close to being one of the '22 a day' Veteran statistic. Never a woman to back down from a fight, Karolyn set out to find a better answer than the VA, and she found it; UCLA Operation MEND, and in 2015 received a ground breaking advanced bio-tech spinal surgery. The Innovation bug caught her.  Karolyn’s life began anew when she saw Sophia on the San Diego Humane Society's social media page. An abandoned amputee kitten found with her umbilical cord wrapped around her rear paw, alone 8 days old, struggling but not giving up. Karolyn became inspired by Sophia's story that mirrored her own struggle. Karolyn would adopt Sophia and her bonded mate Leo, and embarked on a new quest. With a high threat risk mitigation background Karolyn didn't think she was an Innovator, yet set out and collaborated with Fablab, a Maker space located in San Diego. In 2015 Karolyn with the direction of Fablab created the first ever detachable 3D printed Prototype prosthetic for Sophia. Karolyn would extend her new creativity and unveil "Sophia the Bionic Cat", the children's book based on this amazing journey that is now found in Barnes and Noble and Amazon. The book has yet another innovative marvel as Karolyn used the new "open dyslexic" font so readers with dyslexia can enjoy not just the inspiring story, but the ease of the read on the brain.
    www.3pawsup.com, www.facebook.com/SophiaTheBionicCat

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    Sign o the Times Blogtalk Radio 6pm Eastern Time 5pm Central 917-889-8059

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    Friday October 13, 2017 6pm EST We welcome Brother Tee Ford from 2RAW4TV to Sign o the Times Blogtalk Radio! We will talk about everything affecting our community THIS IS AN OPEN MIKE *NO HOLDS BARRED CONVERSATION* PARENTAL DISCRETION IS ADVISED! WHAT'S ON YOUR MIND? WHAT IS GOING ON IN YOUR COMMUNITY? 917-889-8059, PUSH 1 TO JOIN IN ON THE CONVERSATION! SEE YOU ON THE AIRWAVES!!!!

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    Part 1. Relationships: Male VS. Female Constitution-Does Chivalry Still Prevail?

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    Please join special guest, life coach, relationship expert, motivational speaker and author, Tonika Breeden, as we plunge into the female psyche regarding male-female dynamics amid lush poetry as always. This episode labors as a dense constituent (part I) of a dual series in which we'll explore and unearth the original intent/design of man (intended renderer/initiator/hunter/provider) versus that of a woman (catalyst/nurturer/help mate/companion). However, societal norms have evolved, thereby skewing the aforementioned masculine and feminine constitutions. I implore you to also tune in to the proceeding episode (part II) which addresses the identical topic from a male perspective during next week's episode. Thought-provoking questions this episode embody the following: What shapes the roles of man and woman, masculine and feminine. What is your perception/vantage point of the design of man and womankind? How do you define it? How have societal changes impacted and/or impeded intended male and female dynamics? What/whom have attributed to such (Role reversal etc)? How do male and female roles correlate to balance? Does chivalry still prevail? If so, what are the indications? In depth information about Tonika Breeden can be found at: http://www.tonikabreeden.com

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    A House With No Doors

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    We are living in a special time of the Awakening. What does it mean to be an Empath and how does it relate to the Awakening? What is an Empath? What is the differentce between an Empath and Empathy? . Why is an Empath like a "House With No Doors" ... and what can be done about it. . This Radio Show is everything Empath. Have some exciting shows in store. . Empath book on Amazon ~ can read 6 pages EMPATHS ON THEIR SOUL PATH: A Guide To Empowerment In Your Awakening https://www.amazon.com/Empaths-Their-Soul-Path-Empowerment/dp/0692884807/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1506212628&sr=8-1&keywords=empaths+on+their+soul+path . Facebook empath group:  EMPATHS ON THEIR SOUL PATH https://www.facebook.com/groups/1153717474715139/ . If you'd like to be on a future show - have questions or comments - please send to:  http://www.corricoaching.com/contact.html . Corri Milner, CPC, MP-ELI

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    What an honor to have captured his voice on our show on December 15, 2015. As people everywhere today are celebrating the life of this trailblazer we honor his legacy by a re-broadcast. His voice resonates with LOVE!
    WITHOUT APOLOGY: In Honor of Black Women, written by Mr. Clyde Gumbs.
    A look through the determined heart of a Black man, who says he grew to acknowledge the wonders of Black women by fathering his two daughters.
    Mr. Gumbs’ writing clearly defines he is a man whom openly displays his authentic compassion for Black women.  Women and men alike will be tremendously blessed by the works of Mr. Clyde Gumbs.
    Tune in and celebrate the life of Mr. Gumbs. http://withoutapologybook.com/ 
    See you on the radio.

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    How To Be More Disciplined

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    You have some big goals and you are determined to do whatever it takes to achieve them.
    Maybe you aren't feeling good about yourself because know you must take consistent action. Almost any action will do.
    Discipline is the key to success and happiness. Along every journey, there are going to be things that you just don't want to do but you must be discplined enough to do them anyway.
    Here are some simple and effective strategies that will help you learn how to be more disciplined.
    Check out the MANformation program that I talk about during this podcast here:
    If you are committed to getting more of what you want in life, call me at (213)973-8790.
    Schedule a 10-minute call at www.BuffDadYouNeverHad.com. (no charge)
    Follow me on all of my social media platforms:
    Twitter @skiplacour
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    Facebook @SkipLaCourPage
    Snapchat @skiplacour
    YouTube @SkipLaCour

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    Conscious Sistas en espanol con Claudia y Sulema

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    Nuestro primer episodio en espanol...... y tenemos dos fantasticas facilitadoras!!!
    Claudia tieneuna abilidad con cuerpos que es dificil poner en palabras.  Tiene un punto de vista con cuerpos que es diferente que la mayoria del mundo... Los cuerpos son Yummy... y tiene una tremenda habilidad de susurrar con cuerpos. Claudia es la cordinadora mundial de Access Conscious en Espanol y viaja dando talleres de cuerpos y mucho mas.
    Sulema ha estado facilitando las herramientes de Access Consciousness por mas de 12 anos.  En su practica y en su experiencia personal ha visto como las herramientas y los procesos corporales pueden crear magia con nuestro cuerpo.  Ella ha estado facilitando el cuerpo por muchos anos en su negocia de belleza.
    Que mas es posible con los cuerpos que no hemos considerado?

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    Replay: Birthplace of the Future with Melanie Clampit

    in Motivation

    Join the Good Girls and Melanie Clampit for this intriguing talk about how your present creates your future. It may be different than you think.