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    Breakout Epiphanies That Will Make Every Strategy Work In 2019 - #26

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    Sometimes, a better strategy or system isn’t what you need to get to the next level in a certain area of life. You may already have strategies and systems that are good enough to get you there. What you may be lacking is the “firepower” to get the most out of what you’re already doing.
    I talk about this and much more in this MANformation podcast.
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    If you're a man who is a little older with a busy, productive life who wants even more in life, you'll LOVE the MANformation podcast. If you want to use your willpower, focus, energy, and time more effectively to get even more done, the MANformation podcast will get your mind right.
    If you're a leader who has a lot of people depending on you for mental, emotional, and strategic strength at all times, this is your time to listen to another man who proudly carries that same responsibility.
    Take The 15 MANformation STEPS To More Certainty and Confidence
    FREE, INSTANT LIFETIME ACCESS 15 powerful video lessons delivered in 15 consecutive days. In the 15 MANformation Steps summary video, I share my Top 5 Best Life Lessons Learned (so far) and wrap up the 15 steps into a clear, concise package. Go to www.15MANformationSteps.com.
    You can email Skip La Cour at skip@manformation.com. Call (213)973-8790 if you're the kind of man who likes to take action now to get what he wants in life.

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    Navy SEAL Training - No Pain, No Gain

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    Are you ready to feel the pain? Why not? In this high impact episode of Navy SEAL Radio, host David Rutherford explores the power of pain as it relates to enhancing performance and acheiving success. David dives into the harsh world of Special Operations training and how it generates the worlds most elite performers. David relives his own incredible pain and inspires his audience to get off their butts to experience their own level of pain. He delives four Froglogic Concepts to help guide the listener into the right program for them. Don't miss this epic show so you too can begin to live for the pain. HOOYAH
    Top Navy SEAL Motivational Speaker, Author and Performance Coach, David Rutherford ignites audiences with his high energy, no nonsense approach to motivating people to succeed in any environment imaginable. As a top Behavioral Training Specialist David motives people from all walks of life with his motivational philosophy called Froglogic - A Navy SEAL Motivational Training Program. Derived from 20 years of personal exploration into the human condition David combines his incredible journey with 70 plus years of Navy SEAL operations, training and elite lifestyle performance successes. His masterful ability to inspire enables individuals and teams to Forge Self-Confidence, Live the Team Life, Embrace Fear and Live with Purpose. HOOYAH 

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    Questions Friday: Put Your Questions Here, Chat or Inbox

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    We all have questions we do not have answers to. And we all have answers that at times we do not know what to do with. If you have a question, let's face it together and let's see what we find. You can inbox, chat or put your questions in comments on this page. I try to get to as many questions as I can! Tune in and join in on the conversation tomorrow morning at 5:30 AM PST/8:30 AM EST!

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    A Declaration for Now and Forevermore - 2019 New Year's Resolutions

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    We all take at least a moment as a New Year approaches to think about, state or write down our intentions, resolutions, and goals for the upcoming year. What if we not only intended for ourselves, but for our loved ones and the entire planet? What if we all did this at or around the same time period? 
    They now have scientifically proven that energy follows intention...
    We all would like to see change in the world, change for the better...for ALL OF LIFE.
    This Declaration Statement comes from Tony Borroughs, author and found of Intenders for the Highest Good. You can find more information about him, his work and the Intention Process at:the following links:
    Sign up for both. They are free
    Happy New Year!

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    Min. King Samir Shabazz: Black Survive Or Die Series ft. Krystal Muhammad

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    Min. King Samir Shabazz: Black Survive Or Die Series ft. Krystal Muhammad
    Peace and Black Power Family,
    Welcome to the Black Survive Or Die Series hosted weekly by the National Minister of Defense of the Black Riders Liberation Party Min King Samir Shabazz broadcasting live weekly on Do Tha Knowledge Radio. This class we will be dealing with a degree of Black survival and general civilization class. Tonight we are honored to have once again on the platform The National Chairwoman of NBPP the boldest black woman in Amerikkka who comes to us in the righteous name of Kystal Muhammad who will give us survival from a Queen's prospective. This series is designed for those among us who seek to prepare themselves for the inevitable task of emergency preparedness emergency response and survival against the harsh conditions and demands associated with living off the grid. Join us every Wednesday at 3:00pm PST 5:00pm CST 6:00pm EST. Call in live to phone number 929-477-1755 and press 1 with your questions and comments. Here is the link to listen remotely:http://www.blogtalkradio.com/dothaknowledgeradio/2018/12/26/min-king-samir-shabazz-black-survive-or-die-series-ft-krystal-muhammad

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    Life Transformations Over 40 - Interview with Vashon King

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    As Vashon's career exceled she was dealing privately with her marriage coming to an end.  In this interview we discuss how this life change over 40 impacted Vashon and how she navigates her new reality through faith, love and family. 

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    Exposing the nwo and other Truths brought to Light!

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    ...ALL RIGHTS RESERVED... We have this paper made by masons called the Con - Stitut -ion - think about it cause I have no ponzi contracts that give us rights, Truth be known! We all have the supreme law of The Most High that rules. LIES and false religions of ism's patriot-ism, democratism all going to ROMAN LAW, MARI-TIME LAWS. Moment your birthed you are abandoned at sea! Hence Implied consent. They Assume you give up your rights the moment you don't speak out first if ever approached, don't walk in to their institutions cause that is the CON(scam) don't accept or give consent cause it's bait and tactic of cohersion negotiation tactics, no standing under (Do you understand?(YES is implied consent)) their false claim to "authority or juris my diction scams", STAND OVER knowing your YAH Given Rights, only accept correspondence(letters), cause it's about money ~ root PIE latin - "trickery". They want the funds from your dead entity incorporation of the Rothchilds Reptilian Reserve account and have you sign it off with your signet of the natural man(which is worth gold)!(Research blacks law UNITED STATES=Federal Incorporate and Federal Reserve being privately owned Rothchilds corporation SS #'s and Birth(bond)Certificates are holders of account numbers. Reptilian Monarchs and elongated skull hybrids lurk in the shadows. Research words folks cause our own ignorance secures our OWN OPPRESSION! These topics and more will be discussed. YAHUSHUA/Joshua 1:8-9 AMAT(TRUTH)Free us! Please join us, call in line is 347-826-9733

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    Exploring the Power of Story w/Certified Coach Trainer, Shannon Whaley

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    Shannon Whaley is a Storytelling + Marketing Coach as well as an ICF Certified Coach Trainer. She is the owner of Traveling Wild Woman Coaching, helping women share their stories with the world so they can inspire millions and change lives through the art of storytelling. She also partners with Inner Glow Circle, an internationally known and accredited coach training program, where she teaches women the skills they need to become coaches and start their own successful coaching businesses. 
    The power of storytelling and why it's so important, especially during the climate in the USA right now. How people can get paid to share their stories  My personal experience of going through coach training and how it transformed my life and has allowed me to help women do the same for themselves www.travelingwildwoman.com and all over social media as Traveling Wild Woman. Your host, Jim Kellner - Speaker | Author | Hypnotist | Coach, has helped thousads of people experience the power of their mind through Comedy Hypnosis Shows, Hypnotherapy, and transformational speaking. You can watch his TEDx talk on hypnosis by clicking this link - JimKellner.Link/TEDx - Facebook.com - Get your FREE hypnosis download here - jimkellnerhypnotist.com/free-hypnosis

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    Booker T. Washington Speaks

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    Our topic for tonight is:  "What is your opinon about government agencies, schools, and business abandoning traditional Christmas celebrations and replacing them with "holiday" parties?

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    Sign o the Times Blogtalk Radio 6pmEastern 5pmCentral 917-889-8059 LISTENnLEARN

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    SiStar Myrah
    SiStar MyRah is a disciple, messenger, and warrior on the metaphysical and spiritual battlefield. She conducts seminars, workshops, and lectures on ancient mysticism to make this information comprehensible and practical from a material and physical perspective.
    SiStar MyRah is a qualified astrologer, incorporating ancient spiritual tools, including numerology, the tarot system, totem connections, dream interpretations and countless other methods of accessing higher frequencies of consciousness. She is a disciple in the study of astrological energy through her guidance from a holistic universal perspective. SiStar MyRah has done the Super Bowl symbolic analysis for the past 14 years to interpret what spiritual influence will be unfolding in the year from these mass rituals.
    SiStar MyRah has been an astrological and metaphysical consultant on numerous radio programs, including Blog Talk Radio, and YouTube videos. Her lecture circuit includes Atlanta, Houston, Detroit, New York, Indianapolis, Baltimore, Charlotte and Columbia, South Carolina. She enjoys a national and international connection and clientele throughout her 27-year metaphysical professional career. She is an instrument of integrity utilized as a vessel for guidance into higher cosmic energy truths. Her mission is to open up people to their higher understanding of their unique connection to their inner selves.