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    Betrayed by hospice Marsha Joiner Hospice Comfort Kit Drug TRUTH & Kathy Varner

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    Hosted by Marsha Joiner Betrayed by hospice
    Guest Kathy Varner sharing the story of her Dad William Sherbert age 83, murdered in 2012 by toxic drugs in hospice. She was not able to save her Dad but in 2019, she was able to protect her Mom, Mary  Sherbert because she had witnessed first hand the drugging of her Dad.  Listen to her story.                                         Original program aired Feb 17, 2021 49
    Straight talk about what is in that "comfort kit" that hospice staff leave in the patient's refridgerator or use in a facility.  What's in that kit and what do they say it will do and what is the truth?  What do those drugs really do?  Does anyone consent or is it just a one size fits all created to hasten the patient's death?   How is it that a person is sitting up talking and eating and then the next day in a comatose state?   
    You do not want to miss this program and the dangers of that so called "comfort kit".  
    Knowledge is Power. 
    Marti Oakley & TS Radio Online Radio | BlogTalkRadio
    Memorial Slide Show Murdered by hospice victims May 9 2023 C mp4 - YouTube
    The PPJ Gazette | PPJ Gazette copyright ©

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    Ep 140 Roving Report from Walnut Grove MN

    in History

    My friend Kelly Pelzel and I took an quick trip up to Walnut Grove to see the new pageant in July. After 45 years they have changed their pageant. They are taking the story and dividing it into three parts. The first one will have the most of the original pageant so they started with what will be the second of the trilogy. It’s called Chasing the Dream, 1875-1876. We also took a little time to hit some of the other places in town. This was Kelly's first trip to Walnut Grove. It wasn't a complete trip, but we saw a lot including getting in a good visit with William T. Anderson and Cindy Wilson.

  • 01:58

    NewsForum w/ Dr. Chinchila J

    in Current Events

    2021 Sonya Griffin Award Recipient ( Linear New Host Of The Year @ WBNN ) & 2022 Anna Waddell Award Recipient ( Overall Host Of The Year @ WBNN ) #TheDynasty Join us for our 3530th presentation of Ngozi Time Multimedia LLC w/ our topic: The "QUEEN of JUSTICE" presents, Taking The Supreme Court and The Criminal Injustice System By Storm: "ONE MAN'S FIGHT", to Make The Wrongs Right!! "WE THE PEOPLE", DEMAND DUE PROCESS!! Let's Put An END to "MODERN-DAY SLAVERY" and the 13th Amendment!!! Tanawah Downing Takes on The U.S. Supreme Court!!! Tune in to NewsForum w/ Dr. Chinchila J

  • 02:19

    Keys of the Kingdom

    in Current Events

    The Keys of the Kingdom with Brother Gregory as host.
    Straight talk on Keys Of The Kingdom about the keys to liberty under God.
    Offering a unique perspective to the ancient texts, hidden histories which sets the captive free.
    The Bible is the book for a voluntary "government of, for, and by the people."
     His Holy Church was instituted so that you might be free.
    How were people able to escape the bondage of Egypt, Rome and the "World"?
    The secrets of liberty under God id here for those who will hear and see the whole truth!
    Broadcasts and videos at: http://www.preparingyou.com/wiki/Audio-Video

  • 03:03

    OZONE, “No Black Panther Left Behind”! Part 2

    in War

    OZONE, “No Black Panther  http://tobtr.com/12267694 Left Behind”! Part 2 Call: 5156059889 or 2025508521 Sunday &Monday @8:00pm. We’re@ $77BAKERS The Black Panthers Want To Arrive Safely, Return Safely To Our Homes, &Families. Ahmeen Rah.

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    NYS Assemblyman Nader Sayegh; Fernando Fuentes, Former Yonkers City Councilman

    in News

    NYS Assemblyman Nader Sayegh and Fernando Fuentes, Former Yonkers City Councilman on the Westchester On the Level Radio Broadcast with Host Hezi Aris - Friday, September 8, 2023 from 10am-12Noon ET
    The CALL-IN number is 347-205-9201
    Those who call the broadcast will be asked to stay on topic and share their first name so they may be respectfully addressed!
    The broadcast may be heard “LIVE” or “ON DEMAND” using the following hyperlink that is specific to this broadcast – tobtr.com/s/12266265
    YONKERS, NY — September 8, 2023 — NYS Assemblyman Nader Sayegh, representing Assembly District 90-Yonkers speaks to his most recently promoted and adopted legislative proposals and how they discerned issues long not ameliorated by Albany. From 10am ET.
    Fernando Fuentes, former Yonkers City Councilman follows thereafter in discussion over issues of concern. From 11am.
    Hezi Aris, Yonkers Tribune publisher/editor follows thereafter with respect to  county, state, national, and international news with commensurate analysis.  the broadcast will conclude at 12 Noon ET.

  • 03:18

    THE SONNY THOMAS SHOW 8.31.23: #SchaeferWasRight!

    in Current Events

    Sonny covers current events and the first GOP debate of 2024 election season. Very special guests are Alfred and Monika Schaefer on why Alfred was thrown into a prison in Germany and why they are putting him in again for another 6 months! And why #SchaeferWasRight! needs to be trending for both Alfred and Monika!!
    Support South Africa Family Relief Project 
    Want to support the SAFRP?
    Link 2 Food Voucher support - Send voucher to 27727388101 when prompted
    TG: SonnyThomasShow
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    GETTR: SonnyThomasShow
    Support Resolution RADIO. Every $ helps us upgrade & purchase advertising!
    M.O. to Sonny Thomas or well concealed cash to P.O. Box 27 Springboro, Ohio 45066
    Wimkin: ResolutionRDO  G: ResolutionRDO  Tg: ResolutionRDO Gettr: ResolutionRDO T: ResolutionRDO1

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    Mountain to Sea: Environmental reporting in North Carolina

    in News

    Welcome to “Behind the Byline,” where we bring you behind the scenes of Carolina Public Press’ investigative journalism. This week, we have another great show lined up for you as we speak with reporter Jack Igelman about complex issues facing the environment in North Carolina. 
    Listen to our show titled “Mountain to Sea: Environmental reporting in North Carolina,” airing Friday, August 25th at 12:00 p.m. In this week’s episode, Jack and Lindsey Wilson dive into the hot topic of the Pisgah-Nantahala Forest Plan in Western North Carolina. 
    This week we are asking:
    How can you cover complex environmental topics fairly? How can a single source shed light on a detailed environmental issue? How should reporters represent voiceless stakeholders, like endangered species in Pisgah National Forest? Tune into "Behind the Byline" to hear about North Carolina's environmental challenges, the people managing it, and the wildlife affected by public views and policies.

  • 02:04

    Mental Health: Can I Unplug To Find Myself?

    in Current Events

    In the age of SOCIAL MEDIA, the latest CELEBRITY GOSSIP, POLITICAL, or SOCIAL ISSUES (Trump/Biden, economy, police brutality, LGTQB, etc.) are available online 24/7. We ask our special guests psychologist DR. GERALD HASSELL, and author KEBA RICHARDSON The Journey of UN-BECOMING how to properly unplug to find our true and authentic selves to live a more fulfilling life. Is taking a break from social media enough?  How can we be more intentional when we take a break?  What about self-discovery trips to beautiful places in nature or out of the country?  What does SELF DISCOVERY truly look like?  MENTAL DIALOGUE asking the questions America's afraid to ask. ALL I ASK IS THAT YOU THINK

  • 01:59

    Unfiltered Data 2.0 - ep. 1

    in News

    Hosted by David "The Butcher" Clifford, Rob Gordon and Steve Lafrate, and produced by "The Network" Chris Maltsburger. This show is about anything and everything, but bring your facts! Open-minded non-denominational confrontational conversations! Any and everybody is welcome to call in at 563-999-3764 to be heard and ask a question on UNFILTERED DATA 2.0
    Welcoming first to the show former secret service member and author of two books, Gary Byrne.
    Second on deck we welcome back our very first guest ever on Unfiltered Data, Mr. Jesse James Anderson. 

  • 02:08

    Restoring our Republic Support Joseph Gibson Nc house 2024

    in Current Events

    Restoring our Republic Support Joseph Gibson Nc house 2024 call in 657 383 0616  press 1 
    or log in to the chatroom

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