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    MTV Reality RHAPup | The Challenge Dirty 30 Episode 14 Recap Podcast

    in Television

    This week, Ali was joined by guest co-host Jonathan Forman (@jofo322) to discuss the latest episode of The Real World: Cartagena, err I mean, The Challenge. Two more competitors faced the fate of being sent directly to the redemption house following a sky-scraping challenge. Camilla went off the rails yet again but it did not detract from the instantly iconic men’s elimination matchup. Jonathan and Ali broke it all down and made predictions for the long-anticipated redemption house challenge.
    They took plenty of questions from their great fans both from Facebook and Twitter so be sure to submit those all season long. Hear everything that Brian and Ali have to say about this season by subscribing at http://robhasawebsite.com/challengeitunes so you don’t miss a single episode.

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    Sell Adrian Peterson - George Kritikos: Dynasty Tradecast

    in Football

    Eric Burtzlaff, Dan Sainio and Nathan Powell are joined by George Kritikos of ProFootballFocus.com to talk dynasty values and trades after Week 5.
    Dynasty Poll of the Week: Aaron Rodgers or DeShaun Watson
    On the show, Eric, Nathan, and Dan are joined by George Kritikos of profootballfocus.com to discuss week 6’s dynasty implications. They discuss this week’s twitter poll, Aaron Rodgers or DeShaun Watson. Additionally, the crew discusses the week 6 injuries. They wrap the show with a game of Dynasty Courtroom.
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    Episode 39: When Life Hits From The Shadows

    in Environment

    Tonight we bring Tara on to talk about a lifetime of paranormal and strange experiences she has had! Ranging from gargoyle-like creatures to seeing bigfoot, Tara is one person that has seen a lot!
    Website: www.theconfessionalspodcast.com
    Email: theconfessionalspodcast@gmail.com
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/TheConfessionalsPodcast
    Twitter: @TConfessionals
    Tony's Twitter: @tony_merkel
    Tony's Instagram: tony_merkel
    Tony's Facebook: www.facebook.com/tbmerkel

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    The Weekly Perspective with David Morgan 10.13.17

    in Finance

    David Morgan’s weekly perspective. IMF lists 9 banks could be struggling in the coming years to achieve sustaining profitability. The huge debt problems continues. A yellow light, something to pay attention to. The ongoing struggle of the auto industry. GM is laying off 1500 workers. Sales degrading double the rate of other companies. Look for model cancellations. Real economy is not doing that well. Housing industry is where we get out of a recession and we’re not doing it now. Stock market looks great but not so much in the real world. 
    There’s been a pull back in bond yields. Dollar continues to weaken boosting commodities. Base metals are doing very well. Indicative of a reversal of the economy. 
    Precious metals looking good. Russian Central Bank may start buying gold on the Moscow Exchange. Move would boost lackluster trading. Physical gold continues its move from West to East. 

  • 00:56

    Stopping Future Harvey Weinsteins (Ep. 122)

    in Politics

    Episode 122 of The More Perfect Union podcast looks at how we can deter future Harvey Weinsteins, why it was a bad idea for Trump to decertify the Iran deal and stop Obamacare subsidies, and how allowing girls to become Boy Scouts both helps and hurts the fairer sex.

  • 00:59

    The Four Types of Empaths

    in Spirituality

    Join Samantha and guest Denise for a discussion of the Four Types of Empaths.
    Crystal of the Week: Covellite
    Audible Book of the Week: Radical Acceptance by Tara Brach
    Thank you for listening!

  • 00:33

    Energy Unlimited with J Storrs Hall, Part 2

    in Technology

    Phil and Stephen continue their discussion with J. Storrs (Josh) Hall. How do nuclear power, nanotechnology, and artificial intelligence hold the key to a future of unlimited energy?
    Josh is an independent scientist and author. His is the author of  Beyond AI: Creating the Conscience of the Machine, which details the (possibly) imminent development of strong AI, and the desirability, if and when that happens, that such AIs be equipped with a moral sense and conscience.
    He is also the author of Nanofuture, dealing with real nanotechnology, i.e. molecular machines.
    He was the founder and moderator of the sci.nanotech newsgroup for a decade.
    He is known as the originator of the Utility Fog concept.
    He is a proponent of replacing roads and internal combustion vehicles with flying cars.
    Most recently, Josh has been working on a book about flying cars and has recently received his pilot’s license. 
    Listen to part 1 here .
    Photo by Derek Thomson on Unsplash
    WT 338-647

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    Segment 1: Mia Khalifa and Mrs. Curry's Feet

    in Sports

    Following up on Doug's weekend and the Father's Dance, he slept in a hotel room with other topless dads, Doug drank too much, breaking down the Mizzou game, did The Cat ever attend homecoming at Geneseo State, discussing the Kirkwood Brewhouse menu, Justin Turner had a Kirk Gibson like HR last night, Joe Maddon is under siege right now, why do some players pretend to be cranky, more MLB playoff chatter, Mia Khalifa was apparently kicked out of Game 1 of the NLCS, Iggy is still sideways with her, The Cat requests special Fun With Audio, how old is Dick Stockton, rehashing the Iggy and Mia Khalifa feud, does he ask creepy questions, turns out Steph Curry has a foot fondness similar to Jennings, audio forensics on our favorite Trump clip, Plowsy offers an official evaluation of Mrs. Curry's feet, does Jay text Lady Beercats for nudes, Mike Lee joins us, Plowsy enjoys using the term muse when describing Lady Beercats, an off-road trucker robin fed Larry Nickel at the last Illinois TMA Live then joined the Fan Page, teasing The Cat's upcoming podcast, will Waino become a broadcaster, audio from Tim's podcast with Clay Travis, discussing social media while Plow Boy eats a muffin, why would anyone threaten one of the hosts on this program, Doug wants to hear the Chicken Hawk song, more on the Clay conversation, The Cat had a radio stalker once.

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    Jerry Brown's Good Vetoes, New Russia Scandal, Beam Her Up!

    in Politics

    Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America are pleasantly stunned to see liberal California Gov. Jerry Brown veto bills from his even more liberal legislature, including one that guts due process for those accused of sexual assault on college campuses and another that would ban morals clauses for employees of religious institutions.  They also throw up their hands over reports that the FBI spent years documenting Russia's shady but successful efforts to steer U.S. nuclear policy and uranium deals its way during the Obama years  - but never made any of it public until now.  And they get a kick out of the Republican congressional candidate in Florida who claims to have been abducted by aliens and communicated with them telepathically several times since.

  • 02:10

    Episode 225: USC vs. Utah Fallout

    in College & High School

    Reign of Troy Radio returns with a full episode breaking down the fallout from USC's 28-27 win over Utah.
    The podcast begins with small talk and a montage of voicemail calls from RoTbots into the Reign of Troy Rant Line during and after the Trojans' thrilling win over the Utes at the LA Coliseum. News items include a look back at an injury-free game with Utah, plus USC's new ranking in the AP Top 25 Poll and whether or not they deserve their place. To break down the game further, Michael and Alicia discuss a rewatch of USC-Utah, and go in-depth on the Trojans' run-pass distribution, the tale of two halves, turnovers and whether or not USC defended Utah's two-point conversion well. Lastly, the podcast ends with a look back at the Over/Under picks for the Utah game, plus Michael and Alicia respond to listener questions about a host of topics from to USC's season to date, Ajene Harris as a punt returner, Iman Marshall's play at defensive back and so much more. Reign of Troy Radio will be back later this week to preview the Trojans' upcoming tilt with the Notre Dame Fighting Irish in South Bend, Indiana. As always, RoTbots can get involved with the podcast by calling into the Reign of Troy Rant/Rave Line at 213-373-1872, as well as emailing the show at reignoftroy@fansided.com.

  • 02:56

    Charlo vs Lubin & Lara vs Gausha Preview, Groves vs Cox, PBC on Fox, Plus More!

    in Sports

    Another flagship edition of Thaboxingvoice. Today’s topics include: 
    Jermell Charlo vs. Erickson Lubin preview and breakdown.
    Erislandy Lara vs. Terrell Gausha preview. Does this deserve to be the main event?
    Jarrett Hurd vs. Austin Trout preview. Can Trout upset another young champion? 
    George Groves vs. Jamie Cox breakdown. Will the World Boxing Super Series get this one right in terms of server crashes and getting US exposer.
    Plus PBC on Fox: Leo Santa Cruz & Abner Mares double header & More!
    Nestor “Nes” Gibbs, Matthew “The Hipster” Hunter, Alex “Doomsday” Lainez, Enrique “Casual Fan” Church, and Superman Steven will talk about today’s events with the TBV family. 
    Join us and, of course, we will be taking live calls on air from you the voice of the people. From Alumni to first-time callers, we encourage everyone to call 1-425-569-5241 to voice your opinion. 
    Be sure to subscribe to us on
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