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    "Buying Club" and "All Afrikan Empowerment Society" Dialogue

    in Food

    Welcome to the Ministry of Agricultures' Buying Club! Your host is Bro. Carlton Muhammad and his guest is Bro. La'quay L. Juel. Join the conversation as regards the infra structure necesary in the transition from colony to community... at 8:00p.m. Saturday (11/12/16). Enter the studio at 347-945-5454 or enter the chat room http://www.blogtalkradio.com/noimoa
    To learn more about us and to support this program visit our farm anytime online at http://noimoa.com/blogtalkradio/  .....and we look forward to you being in the studio this evening and most of all your participation is very important!
    Contact program engineer at: news.research.communications@gmail.com

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    Chef Alex Presents: News Monday

    in Food

    On this show we will be kicking starting  a whole new week here on the Chef Cardinale's Cooking show. We also will be doing our first week of May this week. Good week planned all with special guests including this show. On tonight's show I will be giving out the past week's total listen count, the past Month of April's total Listen count, the week's schedule, the week's guests, and then finally the news. I will only be talking for 15-18 minutes and you can call in with any questions, comments, or to start a PG conversation. 646-716-6458. For the first time ever, we will be having a co-host on my News and Announcements show.Artist Sam Garcia JR will be on the show to talk Italian and Filpino foods as well as fish and art. Tune in it should be a great show to start Monday. Listen in for the news and then hear what Sam has to say.

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    Plumluvfoods se. 5 ep. 9 Stephanie Khachakjian Ass Kicking Female Chefs

    in Food

    What a crazy day today has been, Vegas, Petty, so much to talk about. Tonight we also kick off our "Ass Kicking Female Chef Series" with Toronto breakfast Chef Stephanie Khachakjian. @steph.cooks as we all know her on Instagram but she been working in her family's restaurant for 11 years. This self taught Chef is the talk of Toronto and one of my favorite follows, thankfully I dont live in Toronto, if her food tastes as good as it looks I would be in trouble. Lets hear her story tonight live on Plumluvfoods!

  • 00:15

    LOCAL FOCUS with Marjolaine Forest

    in Food

    Tabitha Langel, co-owner of Tall Grass Prairie Bread Company, in conversation with Marjolaine Forest.
    When you think of culture, do you think of food?
    Tall Grass Prairie Bakery is creating a healthy culture by providing great food, a good living & paying their organic farmers fairly. You too, can restore your values in agri-culture by “going against the grain”, reclaim your right to healthy food and a healthier world.

  • 00:57

    Ruby Jewel Ice Cream and Fresh Corn

    in Food

    Lisa Herlinger quietly started making ice cream sandwiches after work, in the cafe where she cooked. Her hand-made, seasonal flavors took off and soon enough she had a growing business on her hands, Ruby Jewel. Today there are three Ruby Jewel Scoop Shops around Portland, and you can find Ruby Jewel ice cream sandwiches in retailers city wide in cluding where it all started, at the Portland Farmers Market at PSU. Lisa and her sister Becky join me to chat about building their business, how much ice cream they let their kids eat, and their favorite eats around town. 
    The Marshall’s are back and talking fresh corn! This seasonal favorite is at its peak, and whether you choose to eat it off the cob, shave it off to mix into summer dishes, or put it up, Sarah and Dirk have recommendations to make the most of it.  

  • 00:30

    C-CAP Nutrition Camp 2016 Day 1

    in Food

    Culinary instructors report all about the Summer Camp experience @ Uinversity of Chicago. We have a action packed schedule of activities, work experience, industry exposure, chef instructions, team buliding exercises, team projects, exercise, and socialization. Take a listen about what went on this morning. 

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    REAL FOOD with Chef Val

    in Food

    REAL FOOD with Chef Val, Thursday, Oct. 5, 1 to 1 :30 PM. Cancer is a disease that can be over come by living a healthy, whole foods lifestyle. Listen as Chef Val shares how certain foods have strong anit-cancer properties. Tune in and learn about these foods and the best way to incorporate them into your eating habits.

  • 01:23

    Feast On This w/ Jennifer Runyon & Venus Quintana

    in Food

    Join popular New York food critic Venus Quintana & actress/ fellow foodie Jennifer Runyon as they take you on a culinary hour you won't soon forget!
    Listen to Jenn & Venus Every Monday at 9PM EST/ 6PM PST

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    The Business of Edible Insects -- with Lars Baugh (LithicNutrition.com)

    in Food

    Edible insects are becoming an emerging topic within food, both for their potential environmental sustainability and nutritional value. Currently, most of the discussion on the topic revolves around the speculation of insect cultivation, but this episode goes in a more entrepreneurial direction.... What's it like to try to sell insect based foods? And how can you convince consumers that they should eat more bugs?
    Lars Baugh, the co-founder of Denver based Lithic Nutrition, works to normalize the consumption of insect based nutritional foods amongst athletes, with his company that currently sells cricket protein powders and bars. 

  • 00:47

    Off The VINE w/ Benita & Terricinia! Ep. #3

    in Wine

    Back like they never left... two of the craziest and knowledgable sommeliers share the best wines to try, places to go, things to do, and who to meet in the beverages industry. From the best brands to the best locations -- Benita and Terricinia open audiences up to the incredible world of fine wines and wonderful experiences.
    Bringing along their wine expert friends like Brian, the Wine Czar -- listeners are guaranteed to receive great insight from the top people in the industry and a stomach full of laughs. Enjoy!
    This week's episode: Featured Topic - "The Wine Container"!

  • 00:30

    A pound of salt, a jug of wine, and... herbs?

    in Food

    The restaurant scene in my town is incredible - creative, diverse, and always changing. When out to dinner one night, we happened upon a very simple condiment with an equally simple - and delicious -  twist. Salt, wine, herbs, oil... and bread. Let's talk about ancient things with some Creativity applied!