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    Mother's Impact on Oneness

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    Sunday is Mother's Day and we wanted to take time to salute all our Mothers. No human will ever give as much in terms of physical, mental, and spiritual energy. We should always honor our Mothers.

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    Knowing How Much You Can Drink. Knowing How Much You Can Say.

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    Can you imagine how many lives would be spared if people knew their drinking limits? Alcohol directly takes about 100 thousand lives a year and that was before the pandemic. Who knows how many more have started hitting the bottle hareder since then. By the way, those numbers don't include drunk driving. They are strictly due to alcohol consumption. When it comes to knowing what to say and when the right time it is to say them, there's no telling haow far a person could go professionally and personally, if they could only keep their big mouth shut. Let's talk.
    That's what we're talking about tonight at 7PM ET on The Daily Gogetemism Show. Check this out:  https://youtube.com/live/I2x2Nv0Bwuw?feature=share
    #drugsandalcohol #diplomacy #addiction #termination

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    5-10-23. Your Sovereignty as a Man, w Chrs John Stubbs

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    Topic: Your Sovereignty as a Man, w Chrs John Stubbs. He guides entrepreneurial men, to wholeness, and self-love. With 17 years of coaching experience, he gets them through their trauma and pain of past experiences, driving them through insecurities, doubts, fears, and conditioned programming to a place of wholeness. His Challenge
    Listen On-Demand: Soundcloud, Spotify,  iTunes, TuneIn & more. Buy Book: The Science of Mastering Women and Audio Fb&IG Coaching&Biz Coaching

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