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    Snake Oil Radio/A holistic approach to health and Wellness for 2024

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    Host Jim Ventura (professional Navigational consultant - Astrology, Numerology, Runes, Tarot, Animal cards etc...) is the author of two metaphysical books, YouTube videos, with frequent appearances on television and radio. He works w clients w many different types of sessions with one-on-one readings and classes and also does local in-office and phone and FaceTime seminars and classes on a wise range of metaphysical subjects (JimVentura.com). Snake Oil is Jim's blog column. Snake Oil radio is a both grounded and spiritual forum of a wide range of metaphysical subjects with a primary focus on how everyone can learn to fine tune their unique intuitive abilities and skills. I will be able to take a few live calls for the guests about halfway thru the live hour show. Todays show:
    Jen Dillon Jen has over twenty years experience with working with many different natural products that led her creating a line of Natural beauty products, natural supplements, herbal remedies, and aromatherapy and homeopathic medicines. She has recently developed a Homeopathic Detox Protocol for helping people with long term Covid symptoms and adverse vaccine reactions. Getdetoxed.us
    Scott Porter is a functional medicine pharmacist. His skills involve treating the gut first and foremost using the Four “R” Treatment Protocol (Remove, Replace, Reinoculate, Repair and Rebalance), and sharing his insight with a number of pharmacy groups to the implement functional medicine supplements into their practices.  There are currently have over 70 professional vendors and have product not typically seen in any clinical pharmacy nor medical offices across the United States. He is currently treating long COVID and Vaccine Injury with The Homeopathic Detox Protocol Case Study and seeing great success with this study.

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    The Psychic Love Doctor Show with Deborah Leigh and Jimbo

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    What are your hopes and dreams? Will you achieve them? Will you find lasting love and happiness? Are you cheating yourself out of professional success? Where is your own spirituality leading you?
    Let's find out in your own free Personal Prophesy reading during the show!
    Deborah Leigh is the leading expert of the method she uses with ordinary playing cards as the focal point for intuitive perception. She has mastered this method and given readings to those from all walks of life. 
    She has witnessed divine intervention in her readings over the past 30 years and has far too many success stories from her readings to mention.
    Join this show filled with amazing 
    insight and meaningful support - plus some good humor in the mix. NOTE: This is also a flow over show from our weekly show on newsforthesoul.com
    You're only a newcomer once...then you are a member of the PLD family! 
    Please join us. Your reading from Deborah Leigh just might change your life.
    Buy Deborah's book, "The Message: Your Secrets in the Cards," at online booksellers or from O Books publishing, London.

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    Surviving the Days Ahead

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    We will review our SURVIVAL SUPPLIES and discuss the kinds of DISASTER SCENARIOS that we might encounter at this time. Before I stopped this show several years ago, I spoke of pandemics. I never thought that we would likely have one. THEN ALONG CAME COVID-19 !!!!  These invaders from other worlds have a virus- the DRUXSELLA  7.0, which is a weaponized created nightmare. This may lead us into another PANDEMIC. We must be ready to take care of ourslves and others and to survive as many sscenarios as possible.  PRAY, PLAN, IMPLEMENT!!!  ALSO, GROW IN KNOWLEDGE!   PLEASE JOIN US THIS SATURDAY AS WE LEARN TO SURVIVE THE DAYS AHEAD. MAY GOD BLESS!

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    RealitySpirituality Radio - Holiday Expectations & Obligations

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    Topic: How holiday expectations & obligations subtract from happiness. Call (646) 564 9619 to ask Rebecca your questions LIVE. Warning: Put your seatbelts on--this content may cause triggers & buttons to be pushed while listening! 
    Rebecca L. Norrington is first and foremost a student of the Universe and IT's Laws. Rebecca is a Happiness Specialist, Inner Peace Practitioner, Oracle, Author, Speaker, Fitness Instructor. & Student.  RealitySpirituality Radio focuses our moment by moment experiences and what to do to add to your happiness--regardless of the circumstances. RealitySpirituality Radio is heard every Sunday morning at 9:00 AM (PST).
    Download Owwll App for FREE to speak with Rebecca LIVE during the week--only $5 for 10 minutes! USE CODE "RLN" to receive $10 bonus. 

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    Navigating the Job Market-Pushy Broad From The Bronx!

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    7am Pacific-Recovery Recharged with Ellen Stewart: Pushy Broad From The Bronx®: Navigating the Job Market: Insights and Strategies for Success with Melanie Wexler!

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    This is My Brave - True Stories of Recovery from Mental Illness and Addiction

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    Join Suzane with special guests Jennifer and Anne Marie, creators of the incredible community and global show, This Is My Brave.
    During this live show, they will discuss the stigma around mental health and how they use storytelling and personal stories to showcase how others have overcome depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, PTSD, psychosis, OCD, postpartum depression, borderline personality disorder, dissociative identity disorder, trichotillomania, anorexia, bulimia, sexual assault, alcoholism, substance use disorder and more.
    Since 2014, This Is My Brave has produced over 75 unique shows in cities across the United States featuring nearly 875 storytellers.
    This Is My Brave – The Show is a live presentation of touching essays, original music, poetry and comedy performed by a dozen individuals living with – or loving someone with – a mental illness or substance use condition. Shows are held in cities and towns across the United States, as well as in Australia. Auditions are held in each city in advance of the show, creating a cast made up of members of the local community. They rehearse together with a local producer before presenting their stories live on stage in front of an audience. There is strength found in people coming together as a community, propelling a movement forward toward a common goal.
    Learn more about This Is My Brave here.  

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    Inter Prayer Weekend

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    Glory! ! Oh give thanks! That's our duty as believers 
    1 Thessalonians 5:18 (KJV)  In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.
    Chaplain Woods will discuss the topic. 

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    The Widows Fast Providing For The Needy Christopher, Stacey, Stalin and Mark

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    Welcome to the Heartbeat of God with Stacey Lunsford The Pastor Of Poetry. Today's inspirational message of hope is The Widows Fast Providing The Needy. 1 Kings 17th Chapter, 2 Corinthians 8th Chapter! Do you have a willingness to love and help others? Do you have a willing mind to service others in need? The Widow Woman at Zarephath had a need but she saw the need for Elijah and decided to sacrifice the meal for her and her son so that he could eat and drink. As a result of her sacrifice, she and her son ate for a long time supernaturally because God multiplied her meal and oil! God wants to use you and me to provide for the needy, are you willing to sacrifice and give up something that you need to meet the needs of someone else?  Stalin Dudley Jr,  Ikechukwu Mark Ikechukwu Mark  Christopher Mwamlima, and Stacey Lunsford 

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    The Focus Of The Focuser

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    Manifesting is about a gentle focus. We say our affirmations, we infuse those affirmations with visualitions and emotions and we affirm that this, or these things, are so. Hence, we co-create our reality with God/Spirit/Universe.
    Got it!
    However who is focusing on the focuser? You are! It is black belt metaphysics and yet you've been doing it all along. Let's get more conscious about this now!
    Join John Warren and Ellen Hartwell as they point out a deepr truth about manifesting techniques today!

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    Consequences of your choices

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    The title of my book is : The Power of Your Choice. My book teaches young women the profound power of their choices and provide valuable insights on how to forge their own paths with wisdom. 
    I have written 10 empowering, tantalizing steps for young womem to forge their own path with wisdom.
    What is wisdom? The quality of having experience,knowledge anf good judgmrnt: the quality of being wise. Scripture tells us thatt wisdom comes from God, and if a man lack wisdom let him ask of God and He will give it.
    There are different types of consequences:
    Social , economic, health, personal growth, time management, Reputation and character.
    It is essential to consider hw potential personal consequesces of our decisions and actions, especially in areas that directly affect our well-being and those of others around us.

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    Im sitting here at this very moment with my narcissist trying so hard to pull me back into a cycle of devaluing calling me all that hi is and thinking he is entitled to say and do whatever he wants to me, wanting me to cry and be hurt over and over he has made me out to be in his reached addicted pathological woman beating cheating lying double life living on everyones couch who will have him hating me for the boundarites eye dare him to cross as my light is so much brighter than any darkness he will ever cast upon my soul not being able to make me the person who shows him the scars he made on me…burning me in rage because of his infidelity and incapability to deal with own life never being content in any form it has been a roller coaster ride for sure and out of all his darkness i will shine like a diamond rising above the trauma bonding being happy i now control my own feelings THANKS TO @BLAH  ON INSTAGRAM WHO EXPOSED HIS ACTIONS AND HELP ME BRING OUT PROVE IN COURT EXPOSED HOW HE HAS BEEN CHEATING ON ME WITH 3 OTHER WOMEN LOOKING FOR A CHILD, THE HACKER HACKED INTO HIS PHONE SOCIAL MEDIA AND EMAIL AND I COULD LITERALLY SEE WHAT HE WAS DOING ON HIS PHONE THROUGH MINE THANKS TO  @ BLAH  AS I WALK OUT THIS WOULDN'T HAVE BEEN POSSIBLE IF NOT FOR *BLAH * WHO EXPOSED HIM… IF YOU WANT TO GET IN TOUCH WITH THE HACKER AND EXPOSE OR SPY ON YOUR SPOUSE… THEN THEY ACTUALLY LEFT A LINK AS IF EYE WOULD CLICK ON IT…https://www.facebook.com/MuthaWitWisdom

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