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Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual Healing, Health and Wellness, building cooperation between women, establishing a global sisterhood, collective parenting, creating healthy interpersonal relationships, good child rearing practices, working toward world peace.

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October is Black History Month/African Heritage Month in the UK and Zhana will be joined by playwright and author Raymond Goode. We will also be talking about Black history from a global perspective. It's important to note that this the OFFICIAL Black History Month in the UK, not the ONLY one. Raymond Goode is bringing history to life in his upcoming play Through Their Eyes, a story of life experiences as told through the eyes of characters living in the past as well as modern times. From Harriet Tubman to a Nazi Concentration Camp survivor, to the child of crackhead parents, these stories are told "Through Their Eyes." The show will be featured Saturday October 15 at Chicago's ETA Theater, 7558 South Chicago Avenue, 7pm. Zhana is asking, are people in the U.S. aware of Black history from a global perspective, including history of Africa, the Caribbean, Europe and here in the UK? In the wake of the death of Queen Elizabeth II, a lot of people are examining and re-evauating what happened during her reign, during the Empire. This is a link to Zhana's recent blog post about the role of Empire. This is the link to the film Something of Value, which was screened online recently with Black Cinema Club. It starred Sidney Poitier in an early role. The film was made in the 1950s and portrayed aspects of the so-called Mau Mau rebellion. This link about the film The First Grader leads to a series of blog posts by Zhana about the history of colonialism in Kenya.
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