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2022-08-06 Marvin Jones "A Republic, madam ... if You Can Keep it!" Ben Franklin -- Constitutional

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The Other Side of Midnight

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So reads my guest's citizen-historian website -- "The Noah Commentaries" 

Marvin Jones.

This week, the "House Select Committee to Investigate January 6th" produced their ninth public hearing on their continuing investigation into the complicated events swirling around the "physically-armed mob, storming the Capitol of the United States on January 6 ...."

The now-proven instigator of that "unique in US history" Insurrection -- former President of the United States, Donald Trump -- not only still maintains the Big Lie that created January 6 -- that his 2020 election "was stolen from him" -- he is now avidly planning to run for President AGAIN ... in 2024 ... on the basis of THAT same "Big Lie!"

A former US president ... whose own MAGA staff -- Republicans and true "Trump-believers" one and all -- are now, successively, testifying and agreeing, under oath, that "President Donald Trump on January 6th committed the most heinous act a president can commit under the Constitution -- an outright seditionary act ... of attempting to a literal coup against the citizens of the United States!"

And yet, about half the country is still "with him" on his planned run for reelection!!

THIS is what presents us tonight with the greatest Constitutional Crisis in the history of the Republic.  And why, I turned to Marvin Jones to try to get to bottom of the Crisis ... to try to figure out "what" --  if anything -- we, as voting citizens, can actually DO about it ... while there's time.

Richard C. Hoagland

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